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Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path

The best way to learn with hands-on labs, practical projects, and community - done right from your browser.

Module 1 (29 practice labs / 46 lectures / 358 min)
Basics of web
Module 2 (25 practice labs / 259 lectures / 1416 min)
Frontend Basics
Module 3 (14 practice labs / 61 lectures / 299 min)
Frontend/Backend Tooling
Module 4 (41 practice labs / 142 lectures / 1079 min)
Mastering React.js
Module 5 (0 practice labs / 32 lectures / 154 min)
Testing and skill evaluation
Module 6 (8 practice labs / 52 lectures / 245 min)
Introduction to backend web development
Module 7 (7 practice labs / 42 lectures / 387 min)
Node.js, MongoDB and GraphQL APIs
Module 8 (9 practice labs / 109 lectures / 462 min)
Production Ready Practices
Module 9 (8 practice labs / 0 lectures / 40 min)
Full-stack official certification

Complete guide of becoming full-stack web developer in 2021

Ready to start full-stack developer journey?

What is the meaning of full-stack?

A full stack developer = frontend + backend + databases + CI/CD + OS/cloud knowledge.

This might seem like a lot of tasks but it is possible to learn these things from the full-stack path we have above.

A full stack developer is a software engineer who can ideally build and deploy medium to large size applications end to end, from frontend to backend to databases. Let's take a look at all technologies you'll need in this adventure of yours.

What technologies would I learn?

For frontend, there are only three core technologies you have to know about - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On top of this, we will learn about React and Next.js that are modern standards of 2021

For backend, we will be covering the Node.js + GraphQL alongside MongoDB and Redis for database and caching. We would also learn about best web security practices. We will build production ready projects and you would have the option to use them for your resume in your portfolio on codedamn.

Finally, we will learn how to deploy these projects on cloud providers like AWS and Vercel. At the end there would be a full-stack certification exam to test out our knowledge and grant you the final certificate of completion for the full-stack learning path.

We pick an opinionated (production ready + relevant today) tech stack in the learning path above. We go deep into this tech stack on our full stack learning path above.

How much time will it take me to become full-stack?

Use our estimated time calculator below to find a suitable time.

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