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....export function ({ data }) => {  return <Layout>    /* Your code here */  </Layout>}....
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At codedamn, you get to learn by doing. Escape tutorial hell by solving real-world challenges in our interactive labs, all within your browser.
# Concatenate the parametersdef concat(p1,p2):  /* Your code here */
param_1 = 13param_2 = 37print(concat(param_1,param_2))
This seems like an easy challenge.
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I'm Jarvis, your 24x7 AI assistant here to help.
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Instant help from Jarvis

Meet Jarvis, your personal state-of-the-art AI assistant who is available 24x7 to clarify your doubts, solve problems and help you whenever you get stuck.

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Become a better programmer by building tons of real-world projects and keep improving with detailed feedback on your code - generated by state-of-the-art AI.
// Tesla clone project....<Layout> <Container>  /* Your code here */ </Container></Layout>....
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CodeReport™AI powered feedback for your code

Practice 100+ Projects

Improve you skills by building. Choose from over 100+ projects to practice, build for your resume and showcase to the world.

Unlimited building and feedback

For every great project you build, we help you make it better with CodeReport™. Get detailed feedback on your projects.

Brush away all the bugs

Use code brushes in playgrounds to fix, debug, refactor or even write full code blocks - at a click of a button
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Astral portfolio pproject thumbnail
Bird app pproject thumbnail
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Disney clone project thumbnail
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I have seen so many courses but finding course that gives lecture + playground to code is difficult to find. But codedamn is totally amazing in this perspective even quality of content is unmatchable and helped me many times in understanding concepts in depth

Ashish Kumar

Software Engineer

Profile picture of Ashish Kumar

Codedamn is building a killer ecosystem. Really amazed to see what they have brought in the last 6 months 🤯

Riten Debnath

Founder & CEO @Fueler

Profile picture of Riten Debnath

I enrolled in the Solidity course and honestly, it is extremely good! The speaker is well versed in Solidity and the environment that codedamn provides for learning and interaction is very impressive✨

Tanishka Borkar

University Student, KJSIEIT

Profile picture of Tanishka Borkar

Day by Day, codedamn is turning me into a Front-End Superman 🦸‍♂️

Manuraj Shukla

Frontend developer @buildoor

Profile picture of Manuraj Shukla

Codedamn is a super slick platform that teaches in demand tech stacks. It's great to start with because the practice exercises and tasks are completed in the browser in a super cool IDE👾

Jess Klette

Software Engineer

Profile picture of Jess Klette

For my full-stack learning path, I chose codedamn over other options like Masai, Newton, etc. The subscription cost is bare minimum, their inbuilt IDE works great and the support is amazing.

Sandeep Tomar

Product Manager @K2FocusOnForce

Profile picture of Sandeep Tomar

In my experience, codedamn is an extremely effective tool for learning how to code. They provide a structured curriculum as well as many amazing projects. I'm becoming more productive and better at programming.

Bhumika Chauhan

University Student, AKTU

Profile picture of Bhumika Chauhan

I've had a great time making projects using codedamn playgrounds. I chose it because it was fast and free in comparison to other platforms I explored.

‍Aniket Saha

University Student

Profile picture of ‍Aniket Saha

I decided to learn on codedamn and have not regretted it at all! They have easy to follow videos that break down every concept. As someone who needs a bit longer time to process things, I appreciated this so much.


Music marketing professional

Profile picture of Sam

Codedamn has many roadmaps you can explore to learn how to code and build skills as a dev. It’s very well structured and the Pro version is pretty affordable as well, giving you unlimited access to all the features.


Founder ABY, Blockchain enthusiast

Profile picture of gayboredape.eth

I feel codedamn has high potential and they provide free learning material. Mehul has done a great job by founding such a good platform.

Muralidhara Bhat

University Student

Profile picture of Muralidhara Bhat

Courses on codedamn are really beginner-friendly and the exercises are great for practicing as you learn.

Anurag Srivastava

University Student, KIIT

Profile picture of Anurag Srivastava
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