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A crystal clear structure of things to learn to become a full-stack developer. Industry relevant projects + in-browser hands-on exercises + top instructors/mentors is the best way to learn today.

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Shawn Hinton, Software Developer & Pro member

Learning Path

Become Full Stack Web Developer

Our full-stack web developer learning path covers everything you need to know for becoming a great full-stack developer in 2021. This includes latest industry-specific content, hands-on practice projects and high quality courses from industry experts.

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Internet FundamentalsFree

7 lectures

HTML/CSS FundamentalsFree

37 lectures • 61 hands-on exercises

Advanced HTML5/CSS3 Concepts

26 lectures • 3 hands-on exercises

JavaScript EssentialsFree

40 lectures • 39 hands-on exercises

Practice JavaScript with 10+ Projects

127 lectures

Advanced Practical JavaScript

38 lectures • 10 hands-on exercises

Using DevTools

32 lectures

Version Control System

29 lectures • 9 hands-on exercises

NPM and Yarn

27 lectures

React Fundamentals

21 lectures • 39 hands-on exercises

React Query for network requestsFree

21 lectures • 3 hands-on exercises

Advanced React Hooks

24 lectures

Advanced React Concepts

14 lectures

Advanced Theoretical JavaScriptFree

24 lectures

5 React Projects

35 lectures

Testing Code

32 lectures

Linux FundamentalsFree

33 lectures • 3 hands-on exercises

Node.js FundamentalsFree

16 lectures

MongoDB + Node.jsFree

12 lectures

MongoDB + JWT + Node.jsFree

10 lectures


Caching with Redis

22 lectures • 8 hands-on exercises


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