Learn web development with mentorship, hands-on practice, and courses.

codedamn helps you learn, implement, and work real-world programming industry skills.

"Video courses" don't actually work.

Being a full-stack web developer for 6 years and a "self" web-developer-learner since 2012, courses alone is not the answer. Discipline is. And practice. And blogs. And discussions. And projects. And videos too, but not alone. Thus, we built codedamn - a place to learn with top video courses and hands-on practice inside browser, on real servers, in real environment.

Mehul Mohan
Founder & mentor - codedamn

Learning Path

Become Frontend Web Developer

Our frontend web developer learning path covers everything you need to know, including industry-specific questions/hands-on practice exercises along with HD video courses from top creators.
This comes with mentorship support if you're signed up for 1337 membership.

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