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Videos are so 2008-ish...

You have read about "Practice makes a man perfect", but you still learn by watching hours of videos.
For the first time ever, you can experience an interactive course completely online - a perfect blend of theory and practice right inside your browser.
10x more engaging, higher quality, cheaper, and a stellar experience for visual learners.

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  • I was from non-tech background and was confused about what to learn and what steps to take. I managed to make a professional conversion at the age of 40, and even get my first job in the IT field. Possibility to have structured courses and codelabs in one place on codedamn is game changer.

  • With codedamn I was able to fill up loopholes in my knowledge, learn new cutting edge technologies in full-stack development like Next JS. Everything I needed was there in one place with hands-on practice labs.

  • I've tried several coding bootcamps but the quality and structural approach to be a fullstack developer has never been clearer until I joined codedamn. Doing the practice on labs, I am now confident in my coding ability. Joining codedamn has been one of my best life decisions.

  • Codedamn is the platform where theory meets practice. The course contents are precise and to the point and the projects are well designed to give hands-on practice. Highly recommended if someone wants to get the real coding experience for web development jobs or internships.

Structured Roadmaps

What should I learn
after ?

Chances are that you're NOT willing to spend years of your time figuring out the right tech stack. We got you. Our industry experts figured out a perfect learning path for you that is short, complete, and fully relevant in 2022. Seriously.

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Never learn alone.

The best part about learning with friends is learning with friends. We tightly integrate our learning platform with our Discord community of learners, teachers, and our reward system.
Ask questions 24x7, answer questions of others, gain XP, complete the courses and grow together.

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