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React Query - The standard way to make network requests in React

Move beyond fetch and useEffect to make requests in React. Get caching advantages and more with react-query

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This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • What is React Query and why we need it
  • Internals of react-query v3
  • Debugging queries and mutations using devtools
  • How caching works in react-query
  • Sharing data across multiple components without making multiple requests


Get performant and powerful data synchronization for React using react-query. React query is a library built for react and Next.js codebases that comes baked in with all the best practices you should follow while making network requests:

  • Caching
  • Devtools
  • Automatic data invaldation
  • Stale while revalidate
  • And much more

No more hacking around with fetch and useEffect all day long. React query provides a standard way of performing API requests in your app. Moreover, with react-query, it is possible that you can get rid of your central state management like Redux or Context API because react query can cache and make your data available across multiple components automatically. It is a production-level ready library and the benefits are endless.

In this course, let’s take a deep dive into what react query is, how it works and why exactly you’ll need it. This course is interactive with tons of labs and projects to complete as you go and is available by default under codedamn Pro membership. If you are ready to upskill your React skills as a production-level developer, let’s start.

Course Structure

26 lectures 02:10:18 total duration

  Course Introduction (Watch video)
  Why React Query? (Watch video)
  Installing React Query (Watch video)
  Hello world with react-query (Watch video)
  Install react-query (Practice concept)
  Quiz Question (Attempt quiz)

Student feedback

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profile pic for Majid Bilal
Aug 08, 2022
Good enough, as a beginner I will need more time to comprehend with the things but in sha ALLAH ultimately I will do it.
profile pic for Sameer Avhad
Aug 05, 2022
Very Nice videos.
profile pic for Gautam Singh
Aug 02, 2022
the course is for professional developers, not for beginners.
profile pic for Sushil Kundu
Jul 28, 2022
This is a good course.
profile pic for Ankit Kumar
Jul 24, 2022
Please mention the working pattern of the program when it executes.

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