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Learn Advanced HTML and CSS Concepts

HTML and CSS are building blocks of the web. However learning the syntax is not enough. This course teaches you more advanced parts about HTML and CSS, including modern syntax.

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  • Variables in CSS
  • Common CSS functions
  • Making responsive websites with media queries
  • Meta tags, animations in CSS3, and more


Basic HTML and CSS is a great start for frontend web development. However you should learn about semantic HTML, variables in CSS, functions and how to stay up to date with all these changes.

This course will cover some of the advanced and less discussed parts of HTML, including but not limited to:

  • Semantic HTML and why it is required
  • CSS3 functions
  • CSS3 variables
  • Importance of meta tags
  • Media queries in CSS
  • How to make websites responsive and work across multiple screen sizes
  • Introduction to animations with CSS

You will find interactive hands-on exercises as well along the way to assist you in learning by doing.

Course Structure

33 lectures 03:04:37 total duration

  Introduction (Watch video)
  What is HTML5? 
  Meta tags in HTML 
  meta charset 
  Quiz Question 
  Conditional comments 
  HTML entities 
  Form inputs 
  iframes in HTML 
  Playing with HTML tags 
  Quiz Question 

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profile pic for Jibril Dauda Muhammad
Mar 19, 2023
this course has refreshed my previous learning of HTML 5
profile pic for Prathamesh Bardiya
Mar 16, 2023
tutorials are not planned and well organized.
profile pic for Team codedamn

Team codedamn instructor

Hey Prathamesh, we are constantly improving every course on the platform. If you have any specific related to lessons. Please let us know

profile pic for Chanakya Kulkarni
Mar 15, 2023
so far so good
profile pic for David Dew Mallick
Mar 11, 2023
Well-structured content and happy because it gives you in-depth detailed HTML and CSS concepts for better understanding along with awesome playground.
profile pic for Prasad Sawant
Mar 09, 2023
To the point ✔

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