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Learn Tailwind CSS 3 - A utility-first CSS framework

Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML with this utility first CSS framework

2 hours+ of total content
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This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • Tailwind CSS fundamentals
  • Building components with tailwind
  • New tailwind CSS features and how to use it in your projects
  • Working with React + Tailwind CSS


Tailwind CSS is a lightweight utility first framework for building stunning landing pages without writing all CSS by hand. Based around the concept of modular components and built upon normalize.css, tailwind comes with a handful of useful defaults (e.g., brand colors, typography, and spacing), making it easy to get started.

In this interactive course, you'd be practicing + building apps with Tailwind CSS v3 - the latest version of tailwind. We would cover a variety of topics including:

  • Why use Tailwind CSS at all?
  • How to get started with tailwind css
  • Tailwind CSS new features
  • Building projects with tailwind css
  • And more!

All the best!

Course Structure

18 lectures 02:45:55 total duration

  Introduction to Tailwind (Practice concept)
  Quiz Question (Attempt quiz)
  Tailwind Hello World (Practice concept)
  Why rems and not px? (Practice concept)

Student feedback

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profile pic for Aravind C
Oct 22, 2022
Great course . All the videos should have associated playground tasks in all of the courses in leaning path
profile pic for Kameshwar Rajesh Gupta
Oct 22, 2022
On the point course to start with tailwind.
profile pic for om
Oct 18, 2022
good course need more labs
profile pic for Julio
Oct 17, 2022
Shows cool features of tailwind. It could have more challenges, I really liked the layout part
profile pic for Faraz Ahmed
Oct 10, 2022
Good instructor 👍🏻

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