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Ultimate React.js Design Patterns

Level up your react skills with design patterns

4 hours+ of total content
12 ratings
192 students enrolled
Course Creator: Piyush Garg

Heads up!

This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • Master Concepts in React
  • Ultimate Design Patterns - Singleton, Proxy, Factory, Observer etc.
  • High Order Components
  • React Hooks
  • React Context API
  • Master State Management
  • Redux
  • React Redux Toolkit
  • RTK Query (Basics)
  • React Query and Client Caching (Basics)
  • Basics of Zustand
  • Client Side vs Server Side vs Static Rendering
  • React Server Components
  • Static vs Dynamic vs Lazy Imports


Welcome to Ultimate React Design Patterns.

This course makes you stand out from other react developers in market. This course focuses on write clean, maintainable and scaleable code in react. By the end of this course you would see a change in your development pattern and would surely help you write better code than before.

Why do I need to learn these concepts? There is a famous saying that "Any developer can a write a code that computers can uderstand, but only a great developer can write code that is understood by other developers as well".

Note: Its highy recommeded to have basic knowlege in React before you start with course.

Course Structure

43 lectures 04:23:25 total duration

  Singleton (Watch video)
  Singleton Design Pattern Lab (Practice concept)
  Proxy (Watch video)
  Proxy Design Pattern Lab 
  Factory Design Pattern Lab 
  Observer Design Pattern Lab 
  Mixin Design Pattern Lab 
  Module Design Pattern Lab 
  Command Design Pattern Lab 

Student feedback

Course Rating







profile pic for Bob borah
Nov 23, 2022
Thank you Codedamn😇😇Just Awesome
profile pic for Rushikesh Ladke
Nov 21, 2022
I think the pattern of lectures, white board understanding with code snipets
profile pic for Abhinav Singh Jamwal
Nov 06, 2022
Honestly, didn't learned much from this. I would rather read from than watch this. I was expecting some more clarity of these all patterns via real life case scenarios, not just simple examples.
profile pic for Piyush Garg

Piyush Garg instructor

I am sorry for the bad experience that you had. The main motto of this course was to introduce and teach what are and how you can use patterns inside a react app. Thankyou so much for the feedback. Regards Piyush Garg

profile pic for KARAN RANA
Nov 02, 2022
IT IS THE best courses which gives you proper learning regarding react js
profile pic for Stuart
Oct 31, 2022
Really enjoying this, would love to see more explicit typescript used with React courses

Your Course Instructor

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Piyush Garg

Full-stack Developer & Cloud Engineer (AWS) + New Youtuber

Hi, I am Piyush and I love to explore new technologies and frameworks. I work as a freelancer in various domains such as the Backend engineer, AWS Cloud solution architect, etc. I teach web development and other technologies on my youtube channel at Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with clean codes that follow proper design principles and patterns. Connect with me:

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