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Learn Node.js 17 From Scratch

This course covers fundamentals of Node.js as a backend programming language and aims to get you just comfortable enough to start your backend journey without being afraid of working with a real programming language

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This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • What is Node.js and how it works
  • Module systems in Node.js
  • Writing HTTP Servers
  • ESM and the future of Node


Node.js is a runtime for JavaScript, which can run on servers. It is super helpful as a frontend developer to be able to write in a same language on backend too - probably the quickest way to become a full-stack engineer too as a lot of knowledge is transferable.

In this course, we'll cover fundamentals of Node.js (there's a separate course for JavaScript), and get started with a few things very specific to Node itself. Let's start!

Course Structure

25 lectures 01:47:27 total duration

  Welcome to the course (and pre-requisites) (Read article)
  Introduction to course (Watch video)
  Hello World (Watch video)
  Node.js Hello World (Practice concept)
  Deno vs Node.js (Watch video)
  Pre-req for Node.js (JavaScript) (Watch video)

Student feedback

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profile pic for Wasim Raja
May 16, 2022
nice and to the point.
profile pic for Sashank Rampalli
May 09, 2022
A very good intro to express js
profile pic for Arvind Maurya
May 06, 2022
It's very helpful
profile pic for Philip Okiokio
May 04, 2022
It is decent. it takes care of the basic syntax that will be used to actually building a server.
profile pic for Harshith Reddy Chiluka
May 04, 2022
great work man.......

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