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This is an official course from Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path learning path.


  • Understand the need for a Version Control System
  • Setting up Git & GitHub
  • Creating, staging & committing changes in a Git Repo
  • Push code to Remote repos
  • Collaborating using branches
  • Rebasing, Merging branches
  • Tags & Workflows


In this course, we will learn about Git and GitHub. Git is one of the most famous and widely used Version Control System in the IT industry. We will look at an introduction to Version Control System, comparison of Centralised Version Control System and Distributed Version Control System, Introduction to Git and Github, setting up Git and GitHub account.

We will also look at how we can make changes in the local repository, different sections that we have in the local repository and push the changes to the central repository, creating branches, pushing the branches, reverting changes, solving merge conflicts, creating tags, merging branches in the local repository and also in the central repository, working with remote references, Git workflow, adding collaborators, protecting branches in the central repository and lots of other concepts that will help you to start working with Git and GitHub for your day-to-day activities.

In this course, we have covered all the important concepts of the concepts that you will end up using in your every day activities. All the sessions will have hands-on examples so that you can practise them along with the videos and there are also assignments available for most of the sections, so that you will be more comfortable with the concepts that we have covered in this course.

Course Structure

65 lectures 05:02:38 total duration

  Introduction to Version Control System (Watch video)
  Types of Version Control System (Watch video)
  Central v/s Distributed Version Control System 

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profile pic for khaireddine arbouch
Mar 08, 2023
amazing introduction, but too many informations
profile pic for Venkatesh
Mar 01, 2023
profile pic for Viraj Jadhav
Feb 21, 2023
simultaneos one project should be there in which we can use these things
profile pic for Om Naidu
Feb 13, 2023
Nice explanation
profile pic for Jaswanth Sai Metla
Feb 05, 2023
more theoritical, it's better to have a git learning a like learngitbranching then it would be a lot better

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DevOps Engineer with over 10 years of experience in teaching

Working as DevOps Engineer and have over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and in teaching. I teach cloud computing like AWS, Azure, GCP and various DevOps tools like Git & GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, ECS, EKS and many other latest DevOps tools. I have been doing this for a long time now and have trained a lot of students in cloud and DevOps tools.

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  • 24x7 mentorship support
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
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