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Chrome DevTools Course

Learn about the most underrated tool in frontend web development

1 hours+ of total content
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  • Different tabs and their use in devtools
  • Pausing JS execution, breakpoints and debuggers
  • Analyzing network requests and throttling them
  • Patching JS on runtime, creating snippets, and more!


I feel Chrome DevTools is one of the most underrated tools in the frontend industry because it can help you so much, yet, very few people take out time to actually understand it.

This course is exactly for that. We will explore in depth about Chrome DevTools and you will hopefully come to know about a lot of new features and things you can do. Let us learn in depth about these features and how they can help you speed up and improve your developer experience.

Course Structure

32 lectures 01:53:36 total duration

  Introduction (Watch video)
  Setup (Watch video)
  Prerequisites for the course (Watch video)
  Hello DevTools (Watch video)

Student feedback

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profile pic for Prashant Singh
Nov 26, 2022
At first I was not sure if I should take this course, as I have worked with the dev tools for a long time. Very detailed and thorough content.
profile pic for Sameer Tiwari
Nov 19, 2022
most amazing course .cleared every concept
profile pic for Ayush Pokharel
Nov 13, 2022
Good Course
profile pic for Thirumeniram
Oct 27, 2022
gained a good amount of knowledge on dev tools

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