Learning Paths

Learning paths curated by developers to accelerate your learning. Following these paths get you started immediately with the developer skills you need.

Industry Level Skills

Frontend Developer
+3 months
Distilled breakdown guide of becoming a frontend developer in 2021. Cover basics of web from group up with hands on practice + real projects.
Backend Developer
+6 months
Become a great backend developer with true understanding of servers. Launch your own mini websites on codedamn with hands on practice and video lessons!
Full Stack Developer
+12 months
Become a full-stack web developer, deploy applications end-to-end, use CI/CD, code backends, frontends, learn to write at scale, and more!
+2 months
Things are getting serious, it is time to take full control in hand. It's time to learn Linux, CI/CD tools, automation, containers and more! Let's do everything with a streamlined path.

Specific Programming Skills

Python Mastery
+4 months
Becoming a great Python developer is hard, but you got a roadmap!
React Mastery
+4 months
Distilled breakdown guide of becoming a great React developer in 2021. From all the modern practices to the best things to do with React, this path would show you all.
Next.js Mastery
+2 months
Learn about THE best framework for Server Side Rendering (SSR) React.js applications for maximum performance and benefits to your site! Curated in 2021 just for this!
JavaScript Mastery
+6 months
JavaScript is the most versatile language - built for web, but used everywhere now. Let's see what it takes to master it!

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