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  • I have seen so many courses but finding course that gives lecture and playground to code is difficult to find. But codedamn is totally amazing in this perspective even quality of content is unmatchable and it helped me many times in understanding concepts in depth

    Ashish Kumar-profile-picture
    Ashish Kumar
    Software Engineer
  • I enrolled in the Solidity course and honestly, it is extremely good! The speaker is well versed in Solidity and the environment that codedamn provides for learning and interaction is very impressive

    Tanishka Borkar-profile-picture
    Tanishka Borkar
    University Student, KJSIEIT
  • Day by day, codedamn is turning me into a frontend superman.

    Manuraj Shukla-profile-picture
    Manuraj Shukla
    Frontend developer @buildoor
  • Codedamn is a super slick platform that teaches in demand tech stacks. It's great to start with because the practice exercises and tasks are completed in the browser in a super cool IDE.

    Jess Klette-profile-picture
    Jess Klette
    Software Engineer
  • For my fullstack learning path, I chose codedamn over other options like Masai, Newton, etc because the subscription cost is bare minimum and codedamn's in-browser IDE works great and the support is amazing.

    Sandeep Tomar-profile-picture
    Sandeep Tomar
    Product Manager @K2FocusOnForce
  • In my experience, codedamn is an extremely effective tool for learning how to code. They provide a structured curriculum as well as many amazing projects. I'm becoming more productive and better at programming.

    Bhumika Chauhan-profile-picture
    Bhumika Chauhan
    University Student, AKTU
  • I've had a great time making projects using codedamn playgrounds. I chose it because it was fast and free in comparison to the other platforms I explored.

    Aniket Saha-profile-picture
    Aniket Saha
    University Student
  • I decided to learn on codedamn and have not regretted it at all! They have easy to follow videos that break down every concept. As someone who needs a bit longer time to process things, I appreciated this so much.

    Music marketing professional
  • Codedamn has many roadmaps you can explore to learn how to code and build skills as a developer. It's very well structured and the Pro version is pretty affordable as well, giving you unlimited access to all the features.

    Founder ABY, Blockchain enthusiast
  • I feel codedamn has a high potential and they provide free learning courses and projects. Mehul has done a great job by building such a great platform.

    Muralidhara Bhat-profile-picture
    Muralidhara Bhat
    University Student
  • Courses on codedamn are really beginner-friendly and the exercises are great for practicing as you learn.

    Anurag Srivastava-profile-picture
    Anurag Srivastava
    University Student, KIIT
  • Codedamn's playgrounds have made it much easier for me to learn in comparison to VS Code. The functionalities provided are amazing and it is free to use

    Sagar Khatri-profile-picture
    Sagar Khatri
    University Student, KIIT
  • For developers, I can certainly vouch for codedamn by @mehulmpt for their platform, approach and support.

    University Student
  • There's no platform that beats codedamn when it comes to learning interactively with an inbuilt AI support. Codedamn is the real gem for learning fullstack web development interactively with tons of projects to practice.

    University Student
  • Codedamn AWS courses with labs are really well and nice to learn without having an AWS account or cost of AWS services. I got a pro account since codedamn's pro membership is super affordable, and the content inside the codedamn is really worth it.

    University Student
  • Mehul is one of best instructors I have ever learnt from. A little humour and solid knowledge makes the courses great!

    Sumit Dey-profile-picture
    Sumit Dey
    University Student
  • I've been here for 8 days now and I went Pro yesterday after completing 3 free courses. I was sure that I liked the learning style and the platform. I'm loving my journey on codedamn so far.

    Working Professional
More About Full Stack Learning Path

With the increasing demand for experts who can work across multiple layers of web development, understanding the full stack web development path is critical to make an impactful career. Let us discuss what full stack development is, why it is required, and the full stack roadmap for 2023.

What is Full Stack Web Development?

In the world of web development, there are two primary areas: frontend and backend. Frontend focuses on the user interface and user experience - everything that a user interacts with directly. On the other hand, backend development handles the server, application, and database that work behind the scenes to make that user interface functional. A full stack web developer is a jack-of-all-trades in web development. They are comfortable working with both frontend and backend technologies. To put it simply, a full stack web developer is someone who can work on a project from start to finish, handling everything from designing a webpage to configuring the server and database.

Why is Full Stack Development Required?

The appeal of full stack developers lies in their versatility. In a world where project scopes are continually changing and the need for rapid prototyping is increasing, having a team member who understands all layers of web development is highly beneficial. Companies favor full stack developers for a variety of reasons:

  1. Cost-effective: Hiring one knowledgeable full stack developer can often be more cost-effective than hiring multiple specialists.
  2. Versatility: Full stack developers can assist in all stages of project development, making them a flexible asset to any team.
  3. Unified Development Process: A full stack developer can ensure the project's cohesion, making the end product more unified and efficient.
  4. Faster Problem Solving: Their broad skill set allows full stack developers to troubleshoot and solve problems across the entire project.

The Full Stack Web Developer Learning Path 2023

Learning full stack web development can be an overwhelming task given the myriad of languages, frameworks, and tools available. However, by following codedamn's structured learning path, you can take it one step at a time and ultimately become proficient in full stack development. Here is our recommended learning path for 2023 in brief. Use the interactive roadmap above for all courses, projects, and practice problems.

  1. Learn HTML/CSS: These are the building blocks of web development. HTML structures the content on the web, while CSS is used for styling the HTML elements.
  2. Master JavaScript: Essential for making web pages interactive. Also, consider learning a JavaScript framework such as React.js, Angular.js, or Vue.js to speed up development.
  3. Learn Backend Programming: Choose a backend language (e.g., Python, Java, Node.js) and thoroughly understand server-side operations, APIs, and databases.
  4. Understand Databases and Web Storage: Familiarize yourself with both SQL (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (e.g., MongoDB) databases.
  5. Learn Web Architecture: Understand HTTP protocols, REST, GraphQL, and web security practices.
  6. Master a Full Stack Framework or Stack: Depending on your backend language, learn a relevant full stack framework or a popular stack like MEAN or MERN.
  7. Understand DevOps and Cloud Services: Learn about containerization (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes), and cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure).
  8. Practice!: Work on real-life projects, contribute to open-source projects, and build your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long does it take to become a full stack developer? A: This largely depends on the time you're willing to invest daily. If you're dedicating a few hours daily, it could take anywhere between 6-12 months to become proficient.

Q2: Do I need a computer science degree to become a full stack developer? A: While a degree can be beneficial, it's not necessary. Many successful full stack developers are self-taught or have attended coding bootcamps. What matters most is a solid understanding of key concepts and lots of practice.

Q3: What is the most popular full stack? A: Currently, the MERN and MEAN stacks are highly popular due to the extensive use of JavaScript.

Q4: Is Full Stack Development hard? A: Full stack development is challenging as it requires understanding both frontend and backend. However, with a structured learning path and consistent effort, it's definitely achievable. Happy learning!

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