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Frontend Developer

As a 1337 member of codedamn, you will be able to follow along this timeline, complete tasks, and monitor your developer journey through this learning path. We're continuously updating and adding content to this learning path, so you never get behind!

  • Step #1


    Learn about what HTML is in general and how to start working with it

      Getting started
      Tags and Attributes
      Inputs and forms
      Other basic stuff
  • Step #2


    CSS is an absolute must language to know if you want to design beautiful, responsive and cross compatible websites and apps. It is a powerful tool which unlocks a lot of opportunities on the web

      Learning basics
      Flexbox Layout
      Grid Layout
      Responsive Media Queries
  • Step #3


    JavaScript is the fundamental language to program web applications. It is universally available on servers, web, mobile devices, IoT devices, and even in space! Thanks to SpaceX :)

      Basics of JavaScript
      Working with DOM
      Browser APIs
      Intermediate ES6 Features
  • Step #4

    Version Control System

    VCS like git are very useful and important when you're working on serious projects. They help you manage your workspace and store all history of your code securely.

      Why VCS is needed?
      Basics of Git
      Using GitHub for repo hosting
      More of Git commands
  • Step #5

    Package Managers

    Package managers like NPM are used all the time in web development. Having a fundamental understanding of what it is and how to work with them is an utmost important thing.

      npm and yarn
      Which one to choose when
  • Step #6

    Build Tools

      npm scripts
  • Step #7

    Choose a Framework

  • Step #8

    CSS Frameworks

      Material UI
      Tailwind CSS
  • Step #9

    Code Testing

      Jest / Enzyme
  • Step #10

    Scaling JavaScript

      Event loop concepts
      Faster performance guidance
  • Step #11

    Advanced Web JS

      Progressive Web Apps
      Web Sockets
      Payments on Web
      Mobile notifications
      Lighthouse usage
      DevTools in depth