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CompanyWorkEstimated PaySkillsActions
AccioJob Pvt LtdSoftware developers who can write high quality tech content covering topics acro...₹950.00 to ₹1,500.00/hrHTMLCSSJavaScriptApplyLearn More
-Frontend web developer who can work with complex React codebase₹200.00 to ₹350.00/hrHTMLCSSJavaScriptApplyLearn More
codedamnReact/JavaScript developer for building interactive exercise labs ₹5,000.00 fixedReactJavaScriptHTMLApplyLearn More
codedamnGo developer who can build interactive labs₹5,000.00 fixedGoApplyLearn More
codedamnDeveloper Advocate (Remote)₹25,000.00 fixedDeveloper AdvocateDeveloper RelationsApplyLearn More
codedamnC++ Developer For Building Interactive Coding Labs₹5,000.00 fixedC++ApplyLearn More