Our mission is to be the gateway platform for learning programming for the next billion aspiring developers. We are building the foundations of interactive learning technology globally at scale, with technology and community working at maximum efficiency.

We're a technology company. We want to improve computer programming education ten-folds with technology. This involves:

  • Making it cheaper globally
  • Compensating instructors for their efforts
  • Saving time of people in learning by maximum efficiency

We are building a platform that helps instructors (like you?) to build highly engaging interactive courses without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. And we're helping aspiring developers become better developers by learning through interactive courses, practicing in-browser, building projects and learning by doing.

Batteries included platform

We're bringing local development environment online, with an education angle. People can practice anything they practice locally, with the ability to also learn through courses built by top instructors.

A video demo of what codedamn is today.

Building for future

What makes us different

We remember:

  • 10% of what we read
  • 20% of what we hear
  • 30% of what we see
  • 80% of what we experience

For the longest time, people have been learning programming through books or videos. Books and videos are a treasure house of theory, but they help little with actual hands-on practice.

We're here to help

Codedamn is the first hands-on practice coding-focused platform that wants to invent and lead how developers of tomorrow learn. Learning to program will become of the most fundamental skills every human will need in order to tweak the machines around them.

Dec 2020
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The People Running The Ship 🚀

  • Mehul Mohan

    Mehul Mohan


  • Rishabh Rao

    Rishabh Rao

    Head of Engineering

  • Vishnupriya Arora

    Vishnupriya Arora

    Head of Product

  • Pranav M

    Pranav M

    Support, Operations & Product