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Video courses are so 2008-ish. Codedamn enables you to build next generation coding courses with practice labs, cloud sandboxes, and more - with the ease of how you create a regular course.

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By adding interactive coding labs, my courses gained a special advantage. The effect was instant and significant. The involvement and understanding of my students shot up and gave my course a unique selling point.

Piyush GargFull-stack Developer / Instructor

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Unlock the full potential of your courses with VS Code powered in-browser coding labs, AWS/GCP powered sandbox environments, videos and quizzes.

Immersive courses are the future

Effortlessly integrate coding labs or cloud labs in your next course from 1000+ available labs in our public lab library. Teach your students through real-world hands-on practice.

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Interactive courses on codedamn have the highest completion rates in industry. This means students will come back for more of your courses, resulting in more love and revenue for you.

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We help you in your course creation journey every possible way. Checkout the benefits you get being an instructor at codedamn.

5000+ Labs

Use high quality labs developed by team codedamn, to supercharge your existing video courses - for free!

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