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Refer codedamn and earn rewards

Invite a friend to codedamn and you can both get ₹100 credited to your codedamn wallet once they create a verified account using your referral link.

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Frequently asked questions

What is codedamn’s refer and earn program?
Codedamn’s refer and earn program is a program where you can instantly get ₹100 credited to your wallet for referring friends or family to sign up on the platform. With this, codedamn brings you many more incentives in the refer and earn program.
How do I participate in the program?
In order to participate in the program, you must first create an account or log into an existing account and verify your phone number to enroll yourself in the program.
How do I refer codedamn to someone?
Once you’ve enrolled in the refer and earn program, you can simply share your referral link with your friends and community members. You’ll get the ₹100 once they sign up and verify their phone number.
What rewards do I get for referring to someone?
For every successful referral, you will receive ₹100 in your wallet which you can use to purchase any course by selecting the "Codedamn Wallet" option on checkout.