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If you enjoy learning on codedamn, share your referral link with friends and colleagues to win prizes. Learn and grow together with your friends.

How it works?

Refer someone
You refer your friend with your custom referral link below. Once they create an account, you will see an increase in you referral link clicks and signups below.
You get exclusive course access
Certain courses on codedamn can only be unlocked if you have referred people. When you refer a person, you both earn one referral credit.
You get free prizes
Once 100 valid people sign up using your link, we start sending you free codedamn exclusive merch and access to you. You can win many more prizes (mentioned in the table below)

Share your link

Copy your personal referral link and share it with your friends and followers.

Your referral stats

Note: These are estimated values and before dispatching your prizes, we will fully verify your account for any bot referrals/abuse of codedamn's terms of service. Please read FAQ section below for more information.

ClicksNumber of times your link has been clicked-
Free ReferralsAll accounts created using your link-
Verified ReferralsThe referral accounts our systems marked as legit-
Next milestonePrize you await to win on your next milestoneT-shirt on 100 referred users

Prizes to win

Note: We count both free and verified referrals on your account. If your verified referrals is zero, that means all the users you referred did not use codedamn for any day. Your stats are refreshed every 5 minutes.

Verified user signupsPotential prize
100 usersA developer t-shirt
500 usersA developer hoodie + mug
1,000 users1 year codedamn Pro worth $240 + premium developer hoodie + mugs + laptop stickers + more!
10,000 usersCome work with us on our marketing department

Hall of Fame

Thank you to these top performers for referring us to others! This month's top performers are:

NameReferred PeopleEligible Prize
700+Developer t-shirt swag
400+Developer t-shirt swag
400+Developer t-shirt swag
200+Developer t-shirt swag
100+Developer t-shirt swag

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to spam activity in the past, we now consider a referral as valid if they have completed at least one course item on the website hence marking them as an active user. Your prizes are dispatched when you hit the milestone on verified referral count, not free referral count.

We refresh verified referrals every 10 minutes. Your free referral accounts will eventually become verified referrals once they start learning something through codedamn. Hence, one way to convert more free users to verified referrals is to really let people use codedamn for a few days.

Note that you have to hit minimum of 100 verified referrals for swags to dispatch. Once you do, you have to contact us. Once you contact us, we will monitor your referrals activity for one week for any bot accounts/spam activity and adjust the count as needed. If everything looks in order, you will get your swags by the end of the running month.

We will send you a 100% off coupon for our codedamn merch store

Unfortunately we can only deliver codedamn referral swags to Indian residents at the moment. We're in the process to make it available globally. However, you are still eligible for earning money through referrals converted into Pro accounts.

No. We have scripts that carefully monitors everyone's location, behavior on codedamn and if they are using any unfair means to beat the system. If your account fails to verify this check on referral, not only you could lose your referrals, but your account might also get banned.

We believe sharing it with your college friends/school friends or colleagues is the best way to get started. You will be able to convince them in a much better way if you use codedamn yourself too. You can use chat groups, social media, and personal connects to reach out to these people.