How To Learn The Latest Tech As A Software Developer?

How To Learn The Latest Tech As A Software Developer?

As a developer I get asked a lot of times how do i keep myself updated with the latest trends on what’s happening in the dev world. I did a short 6-minute video on the same. You can find the complete video on the topic:

Video Excerpt

I want to share my secret not necessarily a secret but a bunch of websites which i follow rigorously for getting these dev updates on the internet

now there are so many websites but which ones do you follow which ones do i follow

alright so i want to divide the websites which i’ll be talking about in two sections. the first one is gonna be depth and the second one is just gonna be width now what does this section means basically nothing the websites in the width column would be more like new stuff generic stuff but would not go into depth of certain things and the depth column would when they come up with new information they would actually cover a lot more details right so with for example i would say reddit and subreddits in reddit are very useful for example our slash programming r slash web dev r javascript basically if you are on reddit the algorithm would automatically start suggesting you relevant programming related subreddits once you start following these two three and start uploading stuff there in case of depth i would say for example blogs are super useful and with blogs also you have to be careful which ones are you choosing for example the two i can recommend is just stick to cloudflare cloudflare’s official blog they have like an awesome blog where they demystify and you know just uncover a lot of common web related topics especially into networking and stuff so if you are into that sort of stuff make sure you follow cloudflare’s blog another example which comes to my mind is let’s say if you’re a react developer and you want to go into depth of certain topics then the overreacted and overreacted dot io blog from dan abramov which is a facebook engineer at react is also a great blog to follow similarly blog for kent c dodds is also a great blog you should follow like follow these people who know what they are doing and they are also popular right i feel like there are two kinds of great developers whom you know and whom you don’t know and there are very few people who are great as well as good so and go down social media so make sure you follow all those people who you know now in case of width again i would recommend like sticking to twitter twitter or what cool people say it as tech twitter is also a place where you would get a lot of wide updates right coming out from various companies from people basically just follow these accounts for companies like warcell if you’re into nexjs and react just follow the official account for react and react native and you know you know the drill whatever technology you like for example you can follow the account for google webmasters not not exactly webmasters but some twitter account related to once you start following this again the algorithm would start displaying your content related to that which would be very helpful one gotcha here is please try to avoid getting into the twitter motivational hill there are a lot of dev accounts and i would not want to name them but there are a lot of dev accounts which only post motivational stuff do this do that you can do it you can do that doesn’t you don’t need that just don’t follow those motivational stuff actually follow the accounts which are useful which provide relevant information and yeah you would be good to go inside of depth i would also answer stack overflow surprisingly because the way you can use this is stack overflow has a section where you can go to top questions and just put a date on them so top questions of the week top questions of the i think month is also there you can have an all time top questions as well and try to see what are these top questions which are being answered right why this is important because this will help you understand some of the tricky sides of programming and these are like pure depth question related to your niche so if you have like a javascript tag in stack overflow and react tag it’ll automatically start showing you top questions of that particular week which people asked got highest upwards had some strange answers and you will learn a lot so this is this is a way to keep yourself updated in the depth surely there would not be a just a very new question but would be a very common question which you would have never really thought about finally you can also follow just like blogs a bit of sites like hacker news so hacker news is also like a place where people post a lot of new and recent updates about tech things going on product hunt i wouldn’t want to write it here because it’s not technically programming related but you will find a lot of people a lot of indie hackers posting their own content their own products there so this can be used as a source of motivation or ideas for building your own side mini projects right so hacker news product hunt stuff like this can be really helpful in terms of just widening your view on what is possible so yeah that’s pretty much it for what i use to get my updates mostly you would see that twitter hacker news and a bunch of these awesome blog posts if you follow you would be more than enough more than sufficient to keep yourself updated with the ongoing tech stack you don’t necessarily have to just go ahead and follow every single account just make your choices smarter and smaller in number that is all for this video if you liked it make sure you leave a like subscribe to the channel and let me know in the comments below which one do you think is the best source for you if you’re still watching this video make sure you comment down in the comment section i watched this video till the end also if you are not part of code dam’s discord community you are missing out a lot on events which we organize on a weekly basis to code you already know the drill make sure you like the video subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and thank you so much for watching.

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