5 Technologies you should be excited to Learn! | The Future of Web Development 2021

5 Technologies you should be excited to Learn! | The Future of Web Development 2021

As a web developer, you must know about the current trending technologies that will shape the future of web development.

1. Rust

Rust is a popular and very effective choice for making web assembly applications. Web Assembly is growing by the year. Recently FFMPEG converted their codebase to Rust and compiled it to WASM. Rust is a pretty neat way to transform your code into WASM. More on Rust here.

2. Managed & Server-less Services

Learning about managed & server-less services helps you scale your applications easily & if you are working in a small startup or working solo, you don’t need a help of a DevOps engineer.

So these server-less functions are easily maintainable and are easy to work on. Let’s say you are building a file hosting software where you need to manage a lot of data, then the best way to manage the data is using AWS S3 using signed URL’s. Here the point it’s not about learning S3 in deep and how to use it. It’s about acknowledging the available services provided by these companies so that you don’t need to overwhelm the burden on you when there are these many technologies that can help you out with your architecture easily.

Important AWS Services

Some of the essential services that you should know or at least understand how they function are important to be ready and outstand the future developers. Here is the list of the services that you should know about:

AWS Lambda
AWS Cloud Watch
Managed Databases

3. Web 3.0

Web 3.0 has existed a long time since its inception, but it’s coming out of the bag in recent months. Web 3.0 is basically a decentralized web having crypto currencies and NFT’s, but having the knowledge about them at the programmer level would be perfect for you to build decentralized apps. It’s a very good thing if you understand how the complete architecture of web 3.0 works. That gives a profound understanding of how things work in the real world as well. Learning about blockchain technology is excellent if you have a very good interest in the blockchain field.

4. Cloudflare Tech Stack

Cloudflare has been doing one of the most underrated projects for a long time. One of those would be Durable Objects. More on the durable object here. It’s a kind of manual service that AWS & GCP provide, but it is at a bigger scale. It helps us build real-world projects faster. Durable Objects are a distributed storage across the world. It helps us build serverless objects and maintain a state at the same time. It’s a fascinating piece of technology.

5. Web GPU

Web GPU is a set on new API’s which probably will be shipping to the chrome 99 version. Once it is shipped, then there would be a native way to interact with the system GPU. So this would lead to better websites with more possible options for animation rendering, 3D graphics, and applications of Machine Learning. So we have to wait and see what it brings in.


It’s essential to know what’s going in the web development ecosystem if you want to ace in the field. Even if you are still a beginner and don’t understand everything, it’s good to keep track of the web’s changes.

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