WordPress vs React – Which one should you choose in 2022?

WordPress vs React – Which one should you choose in 2022?

There may be a need to update your site or you may be planning to create a new one. There is a constant advancement in technology, and this is also true when it comes to website development applications. The conventional process of creating websites is clunky and hard to learn. Alternatively, innovative development frameworks enable you to create faster, lighter, more scalable, flexible, and more secure mobile apps and websites. In this article, we will discuss the differences between WordPress vs React Let’s not waste any time and get into this article right now.

What is WordPress

The WordPress application package makes it easy for users to create websites, apps, and blogs. Powerful features, attractive designs, and the ability to create almost anything are all available to us through this program.

It is a PHP-based open-source CMS (content management system) with features such as a template system, referred to as Themes, and a plug-in architecture comprising the features of the CMS. WordPress was originally designed to be used for blog publishing, however, it has evolved to support other types of content on the Internet such as forums, mailing lists, membership communities, media galleries, online stores, and LMS (learning management systems). Enterprises are increasingly turning to WordPress content management systems as a popular solution. Let’s look at the four most salient features that make WordPress so popular.

What are the benefits of developing an application with WordPress?

WordPress has built-in themes and plugins

In contrast to HTML sites where complicated codes are required to run a specific program or feature, WordPress sites come with their themes and plugins. You can quickly create your website by using a pre-built website theme. Free and paid options are available for these themes. The plugins can be used to enhance your existing website with interesting features.

Easy-to-use functions for websites

WordPress offers a variety of features and functions that help users accomplish a variety of tasks. CMS platforms make it easy for bloggers and website owners to update their blogs and manage their websites. It is easy to update a blog you have uploaded, such as adding new images or replacing redundant information.

Optimized for search

You can optimize your website and domain with WordPress because it is an SEO-friendly content management system. The platform allows for the creation of high-quality, standards-compliant websites. WordPress provides tools for creating a proper heading, and title, uploading images, optimizing them, and enabling SEO-friendly permalinks and other on-page optimization techniques.

Providing comprehensive support

It is possible to get support whenever you need it from the WordPress community. Additionally, individuals constantly contribute innovative ideas to improve them. Due to this, many developers have been able to minimize their support expenses by participating in this open-source and vibrant community.

Disadvantages Of WordPress

Developing software that is flawless in every aspect is quite impossible. It’s the same with WordPress. The following are some cons of using WordPress:

Data Security & Vulnerabilities

A major disadvantage of this CMS is the fact that it can be vulnerable in a variety of situations thereby increasing its vulnerability. Considering that WordPress is open-source, it leaves potential hackers with a lot of room to maneuver. A WordPress website’s themes and plugins are crucial to mitigating this risk. Before installing a WordPress plugin, it is a good idea to assess its quality.

Updates regularly

The installation of WordPress is not enough. Several plugins and themes need to be installed for them to work properly. You’re more likely to encounter compatibility issues with the more plugins you use.

Besides, updating your website frequently could also affect its functionality, like causing plugins to stop working. It is a good idea to make a backup of your data before updating your website.


WordPress themes may include a lot of unnecessary generic code. Consequently, the site’s speed can be decreased and load times might be prolonged. Without prior experience in WordPress, it can be difficult to figure out which portions of the code are required.

Costs can be high

Even though WordPress itself is freely available, there are considerable costs associated with the whole package. Themes and plugins are crucial for customizing WordPress, and while there are some free ones, they aren’t always reliable or secure. Also, if you want your website to stand out and be a positive experience for your visitors, you have to buy a theme, since free ones are overused. It can be quite costly to keep your website updated with all the updates that come out constantly. Most people need to use a WordPress theme or a plugin unless they’re WordPress designers or have the knowledge to do it themselves.

What is React

React is a JavaScript-based development library for developing user interfaces. The platform is run by a community of open-source developers and Facebook. The React library is more of a library than a language, and yet it has become an integral part of the web development process. It has become one of the most popular frontend libraries for web development since its first appearance in May 2013. With Flux and React Native, React offers extensions that extend beyond mere user interfaces.

What are the benefits of developing an application with React?


Developers can use individual components of their applications on both the client-side and server-side of their applications using React, which ultimately helps boost development speed. The logic of the application won’t be affected by any changes made by different developers.

Applications built with React are declarative

React allows developers to declare an outcome and allow the computer to figure out how to get there, rather than teaching it how to produce it step-by-step. The declarative API of React also takes advantage of reconciliation, so you do not have to worry about every change.

Has Components that can be reused

There are several components in a React JS web app, and each has its controls and logic. By using these components, one can output a small and reusable part of HTML code, which can be reused whenever necessary. By using this code, you can simplify the creation and maintenance of your applications. Using simple building blocks, complicated apps can be built by nesting the components with other elements.


When you have a basic understanding of JavaScript, you can deploy React fairly easily. The React framework is easily learned by an experienced JavaScript developer in a few days.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

It is also pertinent to note that ReactJS has its own set of disadvantages, just like WordPress. The following are a few of them:

A lack of documentation

It is another disadvantage associated with constantly updating technologies. Because react technologies are updating and accelerating so rapidly, there is no time to prepare proper documentation. Developers write instructions on their own to overcome this issue when they are working on a project that is evolving with various tools and releases.

Pace of Development

The React JS framework is constantly evolving and changing. According to who you are, React’s rapid development can be considered a benefit or a disadvantage. These ongoing changes are viewed by developers as an advantage, as they make their jobs easier, and React is constantly improving. Developers who view the pace of development negatively would argue that they must constantly relearn the basics of React JS to stay current. 


Most people would view JSX as a positive factor, rather than a negative factor. However, some may see it as a hindrance.

An extension called JSX allows you to make JavaScript code more readable and cleaner. React JS’ mixture of HTML and JavaScript makes learning it more complicated, so aspiring developers may find it unappealing. A steep learning curve and a complicated learning process are complaints from developers and designers when learning JSX.

View Part

In ReactJS, only the UI Layers are covered. As a result, you still need some other technologies to complete the development toolset.

Difference between WordPress vs React

In order to better understand the differences between WordPress vs React, here is a table highlighting their main characteristics

The WordPress software is written in PHP, which many developers consider outdatedIn React.js, JavaScript is used, which is very popular among developers.
WP Engine is the platform on which WordPress runs.The JavaScript Core engine is used in React.js.
You can install it in just a few minutes by plugging it inThe installation process is complicated and requires prior knowledge.
WordPress is highly optimized for search engines (SEO).The search engine optimization (SEO) of React.js is subpar.
The cost of hosting on WordPress is lower.The cost of hosting on ReactJS is higher.
WordPress has a smaller learning curve.React has a higher learning curve.
The security risks associated with WordPress are much higher.It is much more secure to use React.js.
The WordPress platform is extremely user-friendly.The rigidity of a design reduces accessibility for users
Processing speeds are slow when insignificant, blanket code is used.React.js-based applications are faster.
Design options and themes are limited, which results in a repetitive appearance.A wide variety of design options are available with React.js.
Difference between WordPress vs ReactJS


It is impossible to deliver a well-defined opinion on which tool is most suitable for content development. WordPress vs React.js are two frameworks with different capabilities. Therefore, developers must choose the right tool based on their specifications.

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