React - Beginner to Advanced (+ Redux & Ecommerce App)

React - Beginner to Advanced (+ Redux & Ecommerce App)

Learn React from the beginning. Build interesting projects. Gain confidence to start applying for jobs...

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Course Instructor: Ewomazino Akpareva

Course Outcomes

  • Basics of React
  • React Conditional Rendering
  • React Hooks
  • Building Forms w/ React
  • Routing
  • State Management w/ Redux
  • Building projects from Scratch
  • How React rendering works

Course Structure

363 lectures53h 40m total duration

  What is React? 
  Companies that use React 
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About This Course

This comprehensive and interactive online course is designed to take you from a beginner level to an advanced level in React development. Whether you are new to web development or already have some experience, this course is your gateway to mastering React and Redux.

The course is structured in a step-by-step manner, starting with the fundamentals of React. You will learn about components, props, hooks, state, and more. Each concept is explained in detail and accompanied by practical examples and coding exercises. Through hands-on projects, you will gain the confidence to build interesting web applications that are powerful, fast, user-friendly, and reactive.

As you progress, you will dive deeper into React hooks, exploring useState, useEffect, useContext, useReducer, useRef, and even creating your own custom hooks. You will also learn how to use context and reducers to manage global state effectively.

In addition to React, the course covers Redux and Redux Toolkit, essential tools for managing state in larger applications. You will learn how to integrate Redux into your React projects, enabling you to efficiently handle complex data flows and enhance the scalability and maintainability of your applications.

The course goes beyond theory by providing you with ample opportunities to apply your newly acquired knowledge. You will build over 10 projects, allowing you to practice and reinforce your skills in real-world scenarios. One of the highlight projects is building a full-stack eCommerce website using React and Firebase, where you will learn how to handle authentication, product listings, shopping carts, and more.

Furthermore, this course prepares you for the real world by teaching you how to deploy your React applications to platforms like Netlify and Heroku. This valuable skill will enable you to showcase your projects to potential employers and clients.

By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in React, Redux, and building robust web applications. You will be equipped with the skills necessary to start applying for jobs and embark on a successful career in web development. Join us on this exciting learning journey and unlock your full potential in React development. Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a proficient React developer!

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This course is interactive

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Nov 03, 2023
The best course I think is on Codedamn as react Concerns

Course Instructor

Ewomazino Akpareva
Fullstack developer and Instructor.
Ewomazino Akpareva
4.7 Instructor rating
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Hi, I'm zino. I'm a web developer who is passionate about teaching and helping people understand the core concepts of web development and other technologies. I know what it feels like to take a cour...View profile

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  • Hands-on practice
  • 24x7 doubt solving with AI
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
  • AWS cloud sandboxes
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