React.js date-picker

React.js date-picker

Hey readers! In this blog we will dive deep into the date-picker module of React.js, if you’re new and have no idea about what is React, don’t worry, we will start with a quick introduction to React and will then proceed to the date module.


React is an open-source, JavaScript library used for building UI and components in the front-end of an application. It is developed by Meta (previously Facebook). 

It is mainly used for building large-scale complicated applications due to the concept of reusable components, state, props, hooks, redux, and simple design. 

Introduction to date-picker in React

We frequently come across different applications and websites wherein we have to put our date of birth or choose a date for an appointment of any work, and a calendar-like icon is shown properly in front of our eyes. It needs to be a few accurate and dynamically interactive calendar that smartly recognizes and gives us to pick dates of our need. In this situation, React Date Picker is used. In this tutorial, we might be getting to know all such methods from scratch to a superior level on how it’s miles carried out in React and the way it is able to be customized. 

Date Picker is a practical and large component used to exhibit dates the use of the calendar dialog layout. There are usually lots of Date picker alternatives to be had nowadays. All of them may have exceptional technical elements and programs. In this education, we are mainly going to cope with React Date Picker. For that, we want to have a bundle for it that presentations time and date. For higher information, we can make a utility that would assist us to recognize React Date Picker higher. However, earlier than that it should permit installation as proven inside the underneath steps.

Date-picker in React js and its execution in the application

It provides a simple way to choose a value from a set of pre-determined dates. A material UI component for React which is simple to use and integrate with an application. To create a date UI component in your React application, follow the approach given below.  

To install Date Picker for our React utility, we need to have Node.js pre-set up on our machine. Even though it isn’t crucial to usually have node modules, it’s far fantastically endorsed to download them so that every one of the dependencies is served efficiently. Therefore, the command to put in React Date Picker is given beneath.

Installing the module and creating React application.

  1. Create a React application using the command: npx create-react-app folder-name
  2. After creating React project, go to the folder created (folder-name) using the command: cd folder-name
  3. Install the required UI modules in the React application using the command: npm install @material-ui/core
  4. Create a file called App.js and write the given code.
import React from 'react';
import TextField from '@material-ui/core/TextField';
const App = () => {
return (
<div style = {{
margin: 'auto',
display: 'block',
width: 'fit-content'
<h3>Welcome to Codedamn!</h3>
label="Choose your birthdate"
shrink: true,
export default App;
  1. Run the React application using the command: npm start
  2. Open the browser and type http://localhost:3000, the output will be displayed on the browser. This date picker is interactive and allows users to choose a date in an easy manner.


In this tutorial, we had been able to comply with an easy step-by means of-step manual on constructing a custom React Datepicker element that can be without difficulty used as a replacement for the native HTML5 date picker enter factors. We’ve discovered a way to install the React software on priority due to the fact rendering the React components might seem complex for novices, so putting in place dependencies would always be desired by a beginner. We also came across different examples to set up an understanding of the concept of usage of a component of Datepicker in our application.

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