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Learn ReactJS by Building 5 Projects

Learn React from Scratch by Building 5 Awesome Projects

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Course Instructor: Pedro MachadoLast updated 09/2023

Course Outcomes

  • React Hooks
  • Routing In React
  • State Management in React - Context API
  • Creating API Based React Projects


This is the perfect course to learn ReactJS if you are a beginner. Most programmers agree that the best way to learn a language or a technology is to build something. Therefore this course will teach you guys everything you would need to know in order to build your own awesome website.

The course starts with a simple and beginner-friendly introductory project where I teach you guys the basics of a react application. This includes using states and rendering javascript. Then, we gradually transition towards more complex applications which are meant to teach you the fundamentals.

Some of the projects, can even be included in your programming portfolio!

Course Structure

36 lectures4h 4m total duration

  Introduction - Welcome (Watch video)

Featured Review

Profile picture for Andrew Waggoner
Andrew Waggoner


Dec 08, 2021
I purchased this for the purpose of just reviewing some react information and cleaning up a few old apps, but this answered and simplified so much of my over thinking. very well explained and good use of videos for current problems in react field
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Student feedback

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Profile picture for Naor Haim Levi
Sep 17, 2023
Good Course I like it very much , kinda feel like at the end it was speeded up and shorten but overall I recommend
Profile picture for ALI SAYYED
Aug 16, 2023
Instructor is Fantastic. Explaining the concept in Step by Step Manner that really helps react novice
Profile picture for Chukwuemeka Kanu
Apr 26, 2023
Love how you teach.
Profile picture for Felipe Barboza de Lima
Mar 28, 2023
Amazing course
Profile picture for Ferit Emre Yalçın
Mar 11, 2023
Too good
Profile picture for MirzaFaisalBaig
Mar 06, 2023
very straight forward
Profile picture for prajna prayas
Feb 27, 2023
Nice course to brush up the concepts before a big interview. Good job team Codedamn.
Profile picture for Tim Carr
Feb 12, 2023
Although you can work with playground at the same time but with the edits of css on the side. We have to stop and complete the missing portions before completing the next video. It would be better if you opened up a playground with the modified code each time you do this. Also add more quizzes or playgrounds, you can also add playgrounds where there are problems in the code you gave us so that we have to troubleshoot. I think with just some minor improvements these videos could really help many people.
Profile picture for Pranjal Shukla
Feb 11, 2023
A great course to practice react
Profile picture for Manikandan
Feb 02, 2023
one of the best course out there

Course Instructor

Pedro Machado
Content creator
Pedro Machado
4.6 Instructor rating
214 Ratings
3.4k Students
2 Courses

Hey! My name is Pedro and I run a programming tutorial channel called PedroTech. I produce several videos on both front-end and back-end development using a variety of technologies and languages!View profile

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  • 24x7 doubt solving with AI
  • 100+ projects to practice
  • In-depth project feedback
  • AWS cloud sandboxes
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