codedamn for content creators

codedamn for content creators

Have you been thinking of creating a programming course? Interesting, because on codedamn, we believe we are developing the next generation of programming education, and can bring all those benefits to your next course.

What is this “next generation course” all about?

As an instructor, codedamn allows you to create a course with the following elements:

Hands-on practice and evaluation on real developer environment setups

What’s up with the last point? Hands-on practice? Wha.. what does that mean? TL;DR, you tell me how was your experience.

As a fellow developer, I’m sure you’ll agree that practicing is a major part of becoming a developer and learning new things. Yet, it is only that people resolve to YouTube or Udemy courses, both for creating courses and learning coding. Why? Because solving coding infrastructure is a hard problem.

codedamn is building a platform which people will love to learn to code from. As an instructor, you have the chance to expose your course to hundreds of thousands of people using codedamn to learn.

Why should I publish my course on codedamn?

Great question! Let’s break down a site, say Udemy’s model a little:

Udemy is built for video courses. However, it is well known that in order to become a better developer, you also have to practice the concepts while you’re learning them. This is not the best experience for end users.
As a creator if you do not bring your own audience, your revenue shares are less than 30% of the fees, and you also don’t control the course fees.

Let’s build up codedamn’s model a little:

We all day build the tools and interfaces to create hands-on coding courses improving experience of both, teachers and students.
Transparent pricing – we always pay you 90% revenue on every lifetime course sale you make, and we pay you every time a Pro member uses your course (free money, really!). Everything is visible in your creator dashboard. Monthly payments via PayPal (more provider support coming soon)
Technical founding team. The founder and CEO of the company, Mehul Mohan, isn’t doing coding for the first time. As a self-taught developer who started the company as a mission to provide better experience to others, he with his team are aware what it takes to create solid experiences.
Underrated – this is your massive advantage. We do not intend to onboard competing creators. If you’re good enough and your course goes live on codedamn, we will put all our efforts on your course. Other companies make billions in revenue but the creators are paid in thousands or even hundreds of dollars. As an invite-only exclusive system right now, when we make millions, you make millions.

What does a typical course on codedamn looks like?

Like mentioned above, a codedamn course can consist of the following elements:

Hands-on practice and evaluation

You can mix all three things and create a course – say, learning Python 3 fundamentals, which consists of 25 video lectures, 33 hands-on-practice exercises, 2 hands-on projects at the end, and 7 quizzes. An example course built like this is this Advanced Practical JavaScript course on codedamn.

Another way to structure your course is to only use hands-on practice course. This then becomes a highly interactive hands-on course which can also be used for short-medium sized projects, for example, building a URL shortener using Node.js + MongoDB is a great example.

How much does codedamn pay me as an instructor?

codedamn pays you in two ways – lifetime course sale and subscription revenue.

Lifetime course sale – This model works similar to how a typical ecommerce model works. You publish course, people find your course, they pay once, and get lifetime access to your course (including all the hands-on practice/video/quiz material). In this case, you always keep 90% of the revenue, i.e. if your course was priced at $10, you’ll get $9, and codedamn gets $1, even if the sale happened through our email marketing campaign, or our ads.
Subscription revenue – codedamn offers a Pro subscription, which unlocks all courses and hands-on practice material for a given duration, for a given user. This also gives them access to other sweet features, like accelerator batch eligibility and WhatsApp mentorship support. In case, a Pro member watches your course, you’ll automatically get revenue in the following way:

Your royalty rate depends on how early you joined codedamn as a creator. (We started with 45% rate with some creators, they did make good $$$$)

I’m convinced. How do I sign up as an instructor?

Unfortunately, codedamn creator is an invite only system. But chances are, if you’re reading this, you have been invited to be a creator. Please fill this google form and we’ll get back to you with relevant login details and access.

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