Best LearnDash alternative for building online courses

Best LearnDash alternative for building online courses

Hi there! If you’re a content creator looking to build online courses, you might be interested in checking out some alternatives to LearnDash. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options out there.


LearnDash is not the only place to find e-learning courses. I have come up with a new alternative Platform to LearnDash i.e Codedamn. The Codedamn platform is great for anyone looking to learn how to code, build websites, or get started with digital marketing. Some of these resources are free; others will cost you a small fee.

Codedamn instructor is an LMS platform to create online courses, similar to LearnDash. LMS means a learning management system where one can easily manage the courses they want to sell. Additional benefits like tracking all the user’s progress, delivering the content and certificates on time, etc.

What is learnDash?

LearnDash is a free WordPress plugin that lets you build and sell courses or just offer them as free resources. It is designed for people who want to create an online presence. whether it’s to make money or simply share their expertise with others.

LearnDash is available in two versions: Free and Pro. The free version is ideal if you’re just starting or want to test the waters before committing. The Pro version costs $99 per month, which includes several features such as unlimited courses, email support, course analytics etc.

Why Codedamn is the best LearnDash alternative for building online courses?

Codedamn is a platform that allows you to easily upload videos and tutorial series, handle quizzes and exercises, manage students, etc. The platform also offers you support to build interactive courses with additional features such as email support. Interactive courses mean there should be a lot of exciting exercises with some creative playground labs, challenges and many more interesting things. It makes a course more interesting to users.

If you’d like something simple but effective, then Codedamn is the best learning resource. You can even add text links to your videos so that students can go back and read more if they have questions about something in the video. I will suggest checkout the Codedamn platform.

How to use the Codedamn platform?

Step 1

First visit to the Codedamn platform. Then signup with your credentials to access the dashboard.

codedamn home page

Step 2

After login you can access your instructor platform in two ways: the first is to click on the “Teach on Codedamn” icon on the dashboard header and the second way is to use the link.

This link will redirect you to the following site:

Codedamn Instructor platform

Where you can see all the courses, articles, quizzes, labs, FAQs etc. You should read the whole content in detail, so that you may face any issues while using the platform.

Step 3

As shown in step 2 now register as an instructor on Codedamn. Once you register as an instructor, then you are eligible to access the instructor’s dashboard which is slightly different from the normal user’s dashboard.

codedamn Instructor page

Here you can track everything related to your courses. You can track your monthly revenue, list of courses sales month-wise, revenue record in detail, etc.

Step 4

You can observe some additional features shown in the menubar on the left side.

  • Interactive course: In this section, you can create and upload your new courses.
  • Comments: Here, you can track and view all the comments of students who are using your courses. If you want you can resolve their doubts by replying there only.
  • Analytics: In this section, you can see the overall analysis of your courses, comments, users, revenue and more. You can also observe reviews on your courses, even sales and payouts.
  • Get help and contact us: This section is for helping you out if you face any issues.
codedamn instructor page

Step 5

If you click on create a course on the interactive course page. Then you will observe there is a complete guide on how to build a course. Everything is explained in very simple language. The UI is quite friendly to use.

codedamn instructor platform

Step 6

If you visit the instructor platform carefully, you will observe the Documentation icon on the right side of the header. It is there to guide you on how to create a good course, which path you should follow, etc. It is the documentation hub for building interactive courses.

codedamn docs

Step 7

There is one more feature while creating your course you can preview your course. It will help you in improving your creation.

Once you create a course and saved it. Then there will be some more features you can access. that will eventually help you in maintaining the course curriculum and adding labs and quizzes. Even you are allowed to evaluate students’ answers.

codedamn course preview

Benefits of using the Codedamn platform

Free Migration of courses

If you are a creator who has already uploaded your source on some other platform. such as youtube, udemy and more. Codedamn provides you with this facility to easily migrate your online courses on their platform without any charge. free of cost migration.

Help support

If you face any kind of issues while using the platform you will get help support very easily. by following just simple steps. For that, you need to choose a suitable time to set up a 1:1 call with the founder of the Codedamn platform.

codedamn platform

However, Apart from this, there are product teams as well to tackle your issues. You are also allowed to contact them. (Codedamn creator discord server). Further, You get access to our online help centre with 24/7 support.

Friendly and Interactive UI

In my opinion, you should visit the Codedamn instructor platform at least once. You will see how easy and friendly the site is. Anyone who is even not aware of how to build a course can also learn to use this site very easily.


These labs and exercises are the most powerful part of this site. As this feature is not provided by any other platform. If a course is related to programming languages, web development or app development, then labs play a very crucial role. They help to clear doubts very easily and make things very simple to understand.

To learn how to create labs, you can visit “How to use” on the menu bar on the creator’s dashboard page.

codedamn platform blogs

Here, you can learn how to build a course in any language. building a lab-related guide is also there for you. Even you can learn marketing strategies to increase your course reviews and sales.

No Limits on content

The best thing about Codedamn is that it’s free with no limits on the number of courses that you can create. You can use it for free, which includes the following benefits:

  • Unlimited courses with no limits on students or videos/quizzes/exercises
  • No limits on the number of exercises (or other training content) used in your course

No limits on the number of pages you can use in your course. There are no limits on how many courses you can create. Unlimited course backups and restores.

Customize your course price

If you are a content creator at Codedamn you are free to choose your course price. You have to choose the price because the price range is set up after having some marketing research.

If you do not choose to switch to monetization on your course, then it will automatically be a free course. Anyone can access it free of cost. So, it’s totally your choice to either monetize your course or make it free for all.


On Codedamn one thing that brings hundreds of creators towards it is their transparency nature. Every procedure is transparent, you are free to track your all records be it revenue or courses, reviews, students, etc. If you are a content creator, then this site is completely safe and secure. Even you can track the payment procedure and conditions on it.

How you will get paid for your courses?

If you are a creator at Codedamn. Then there are two possible ways to get paid for your courses.

  • The first method is the direct way that if someone buys your course, you will get your revenue respectively.
  • The second way is that the pro members of Codedamn. whenever a pro member consumes your course, watches videos and visits your course lectures. You will get your incentives accordingly. For detailed information about payment procedures, you can visit this blog.


LearnDash may be a great tool. It’s easy to use and has all the features you need – but Codedamn can be the best option for building online courses.

LMSs are a great way to manage your courses, students and course content. If you’ve ever tried to create a course with WordPress then you know how difficult it can be to add in-video quizzes or assessments without some kind of plugin. With an LMS like Codedamn, creating and managing courses is much easier than doing it all manually or using a third-party plugin.

If you still face any issues then please fill free to comment. Further, I would suggest visiting the Codedamn platform or this link.

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