Instructor Terms And FAQs

What is this page about?

This page lists common questions and terms of service you should be aware about when creating and selling content via Codedamn.

I am facing some problems setting up my course. Where can I ask for help?

Our product team is available for you at creator discord server to help you out. Hop in there and send us a text.

How will I earn money as an instructor?

You will earn money through two ways from Codedamn:

  • Whenever a Pro member consumes your course.
  • Whenever a Pro member practices your practice problem.
  • Whenever a Pro member builds your project.
  • Whenever someone buys your course.
Both methods are explained below.

How will I earn money through Codedamn Pro?

Codedamn allows learners to buy a subscription to access the learning content on the platform. Whenever someone who has an ongoing subscription consumes your course, you earn.

The payout for Codedamn Pro payments are processed in the following way:

  • Let's say we generate $1000 in a given month only from Codedamn Pro recurring revenue. Note that this is normalized revenue. Therefore, someone purchasing for one-year access for Pro would be distributed in the upcoming 12 months.
  • We keep 70% reserved for creators out of this.
  • Therefore, $700 is distributed to all creators.
  • Let us assume that there are only two creators on the platform. Creator A gets a total content consumption time of 100 minutes, and creator B gets a total consumption time of 200 minutes.
  • The payout of creator A will be (100/(100 + 200)) * $700 = $233
  • The payout of creator B will be (200/(100 + 200)) * $700 = $467

How do you calculate content consumption time?

Here's how we do it currently:

  • For videos, it is watch time. If someone watches your video for 10 minutes, that is 10 minutes of the time contributed.
  • For labs, it is the time user spends on the page multiplied by 2. For example, if a user spends 120 seconds practicing through a lab, we add 240 seconds of consumption time to your account. We do this because we incentivize creators for building interactive courses (as they are much more engaging and fun to learn from)
  • For articles, the consumption time is calculated based on the word count of the article. 150 words = 1 minute of content consumption time.
  • For quizzes, each individual quiz question is calculated as 1 minute of consumption time
  • For practice problems, it is the time user spends on the page. For example, if a user spends 120 seconds practicing through a problem, we add 120 seconds of consumption time to your account.
  • For projects, it is the time user spends on the page. For example, if a user spends 120 seconds practicing through a project, we add 120 seconds of consumption time to your account.

How will I earn money through course sales?

For every course sale that happens:

  • User gets lifetime access to your course
  • You get 97% revenue if the course sale happens through your coupon link.
  • You get 85% revenue if the sale happens organically.
  • You get 35% revenue if the sale happens via our affiliate network or through our paid ads efforts.

Please note that these percentages are on net amount, which is the amount paid by the student minus any taxes or fees such as payment gateway charges.

Can I set my own custom price for courses?

Currently, you can set your course on a tier based pricing only. This is because we correctly show prices in over 50+ currencies and countries for your courses, which is not possible if you manually provide a price number. You can keep your course in any of the available pricing tiers.

Can I make email announcements or access user data?

There is some amount of aggregated user data visible to you in your instructor dashboard. You can mass communicate with your users using announcements feature we have on Codedamn per course. However, make sure you follow the educational announcements guideline.

What is Codedamn Partner Program?

Every instructor has all their courses enrolled in Codedamn Partner Program. The benefits you get in this program are:

  • Additional revenue from Codedamn Pro subscribers
  • Free marketing of your courses through our social media, paid ads efforts, influencer marketing, learning paths, and more.
  • Course price optimization to sell at scale in low purchasing power countries like India, Nigeria, etc.
  • Dedicated support to make sure you have best experience as an instructor on the platform

You cannot opt-out from the Codedamn partner program.

How will you send payouts?

  • We send your payouts through a direct bank transfer. When you select your primary country in your account settings, you will see information to add your bank account details.
  • There could be additional compliance you might have to do in order for your account to receive payments from Codedamn. More instructions would be visible when you select your country and add your bank account details.
  • The payout will be dispatched around 15th of every month and with a minimum balance of INR ₹5000 for India, and $200 (or equivalent amount) for any country apart from India.
  • If your earnings do not reach the minimum payout threshold, your balance would be carried to the next month.
  • Monthly payout will be dispatched as a single payout - pro revenue and course sale revenue combined together.

I have more questions

Reach out to us on [email protected]

This page was last updated on November 5th, 2023.