Top10 Node.js Projects for Beginners (with Code)

Top10 Node.js Projects for Beginners (with Code)

If you are new to Node.js or someone who needs to enhance your skillset from basic web development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to advance concepts. You may begin with these beginner-friendly node.js projects. These projects will help you to enhance your web development skills. Also, these projects will add significant weight to your portfolio and make you watch out in front of recruiters.

Even if you are an experience node.js developer, these projects are good to get a little practice with your node.js basics o advanced concepts.

But before jumping to the list, for those who are new to node.js let’s first get a brief overview of what is node.js.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a Javascript runtime environment.

In simple terms, Node.js, or simply Node is an open-source development platform that executes JavaScript code on the server-side. Node is beneficial for developing applications that require a chronic connection from the browser to the server and is regularly used in developing real-time applications or programs such as chat apps, information feeds and push notifications, etc.

Moreover, node.js runs on chrome v8 engine which converts javascript code into machine code, it’s far pretty scalable, lightweight, rapid, and statistics-intensive.

As of now, you have an idea of what node.js is. So let us begin with the list of “Top 10 Node.js projects for beginners”.

Node.js projects for beginner

So get geared up to build your first Node.js project with node.js i.e. a real-time chat application.

Chat Application

This primary project will help you to display the way your real-time chat app. Create an app where multiple customers can chat together and messages get up to date without fresh the page.

More than that, it’s going to also spotlight some critical concepts. Like sometimes, Node.Js by itself isn’t enough to complete a project. In this project,t you probably will need Express.Js and a few other packages and libraries, too.

Source code – NoReal-time-time-Chat-Application

QR Code Generator

A QR code generator is a small, easy, and yet very useful project you have on your project list. This is a commonly seen project with you can use individually or integrate with your other projects.

Source code – Node-JS-QR-Code-Generator

Online Photo Collage Tool

The next project you can do is a photo collage tool. Imagine, creating a photo collage tool that can make notable verticle or horizontal collages by itself just by providing images.

This clever photograph college tool will take image inputs from customers and perform basic picture obligations. Use this device to create amazing designs.

Source code – node.js_photo_collage

Books Directory

Books directory is the best project for beginners to start with. It is created using Node.js and Express.Js. Create a basic app with getting, put, post, and delete methods as endpoints. Build a directory having a collection of books. e a look at whether or not Node.js and MongoDB are mounted in previous, modules like nodemon to car-restart Node.js, server, frame-parser to study & show how reaction in JSON shape, and other required modules. Keep index.Js as the root file from wherein you can redirect to other sub-additives and files

source code – node-js-books-directory

Discord Bot

This is another handy fascinating attic project you can build on using node.js. Build a basic discord bot wAxiosxios and discord.js library. begin with some basic commands to interact with and gradually add some extra features to your bot. There are lots of amazing things you can do with a bot.

Remember you need to ha ave developer account to complete this project. You can read more on this here https://discord.com/developers.

source code – node.js_discordBot

URL Shortner

In this project, you can create an API to construct quick URLs by shortening the original ones. The functionality can be similar to bitly. Using Node, Express, and MongoDB you may make a final URL Shortener carrier. This is a small concise project but pretty helpful when you deal with storing lotsURLsurls.

Source code – node.js_url_shortener

To-Do List

The to-do lists app is an easy-to-make project which as a beginner you should try. This basic project will let you understand some fundamental programming concepts. In this project, you can simply create an empty web page wherein users can record the items or work they want to finish for the day with checkboxes that mark their completion. Following this, different arrays can be created for finished and pending tasks. To construct such an intuitive utility using Node.JS, you need little effort into the CSS with neat UI looks. On that observation, be sure to try out the Express framework, that’s one of the minimalist and clean-to-use frameworks for beginners.

Source Code – node-js-todo-app

Email Sender

Sending Mails using Node.js! Indeed this is another amazing project to build and adds to your portfolio. In this project, you can create a simple node.js project to send and receive welcome emails using nodemailer and SendGrid.

Soruce code – node-js-mail

Multiplayer Game Application

You can create a multiplayer game like Battleship. It is a multiplayer recreation in which some ships are randomly organized in a grid. And then a player attempts to shoot at the opponent’s grid. The goal of the game is to smash the opposing player’s all ships. You can start with unmarried-participant sport good judgment after which turn it right into a multiplayer game. And eventually, you may fashion it with superior CSS. Just like the former challenge we can use WebSocket to establish an actual-time communique among consumers and servers.

If you need to build something thrilling at the same time as having fun, this undertaking is simply ideal for you.

Source code – Multiplayer-game

Portfolio App

Surely, last but not least create a portfolio app. This is a must-have project you should work on from the beginning of your developer journey. This project will help you to showcase your development skills and work to the world. It will be a collection of your projects, skills, and your point of contact in one place.

Your portfolio defines you. So, take this project as a challenge and build it with your creativity and give it your flavor.

After completing these 10 projects, you will develop enough knowledge to try your hands on some advanced node projects. But don’t stop here! keep learning and exploring new concepts and building projects.


To summarize, in this article we discussed the top 10 node.js projects for beginners. Although an experienced developer can also try them to refresh the fundamentals. These projects will help you to understand fundamental concepts and build a strong portfolio.

That’s it for today guys.

Thank You!

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