Practice JavaScript by building 10+ real projects

In this course you will learn a lot about JavaScript by building 10+ real and fun projects with JavaScript involving heavy use of DOM and JS APIs.

1 hour+ of content
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Creator: Laurence Svekis
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  • Perfect to get started with JavaScript - loaded with starter projects to get you coding
  • Master the DOM (document object model)
  • Develop Basic JavaScript Skills variables, boolean logic, if/else, loops, functions, arrays, etc.
  • Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer
  • Modern JavaScript for 2020
  • How to create elements dynamically and more - With Games and Amazing Projects to Build
  • Manipulate elements using JavaScript - Bring your web pages to LIFE with JavaScript


Perfect JavaScript Course for absolutely EVERYONE - Learn how to create over 10 fun real world projects using just JavaScript - no libraries. Amazing unique starter projects that are perfect to build upon and explore how JavaScript Works. You can build over 50 projects and supercharge your portfolio - Start NOW.

This is a one of kind course - to get you coding JavaScript includes all the functional skills lessons to learn the basics and then project to practice and apply what you learned. Complete JavaScript course for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript.

Most often asked for ARE PROJECTS - and this course delivers! Over 50 and will grow over time as more projects and challenges get added. You can select the projects you want to do or take them in order, it’s up to you.

Loaded with games and so many mini projects guaranteed to help you learn more about JavaScript and DOM manipulation. All JavaScript code no libraries or short cuts.

Explore how to apply JavaScript to create interactive and dynamic web content - that will impress your friends.

Extend on the projects and add them to your portfolio, to showcase skills you have learned.

Useful real world projects coded with simple JavaScript for developers of all levels.

No better way to learn than to try the code and produce something fun and useful with it. Learn to create amazing things with JavaScript bringing your web content to life.

This will keep you busy and provide you the opportunity to learn and experiment with code. Try it. All the projects are designed in a starter type format so that you can build on them and customize to make it your own.

*Beginner JavaScript knowledge is required as the course covers only JavaScript relevant to the building of the game. Also HTML and CSS knowledge is essential as scope of this course is all JavaScript focused. *

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