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Concepts you'll learn:

Introduction00:45 codedamn HTML Playground04:57 First HTML Page03:04 Comments in HTML02:20 HTML Tags03:12 Heading Tags03:19 Exercise lab for heading05:00 Exercise lab for heading05:00 Paragraph (p) tag02:37 Exercise lab for paragraph05:00 Anchor (a) tag06:01 Exercise lab for anchor tag05:00 Button (button) tag04:19 Bold (b) tag01:16 Image (img) tag05:14 Video (video) tag04:30 Audio (audio) tag01:39 Input (input) tag03:47 Exercise lab for input05:00 Exercise lab for input05:00 Select (select) tag04:02 Table (table) tag03:18 HTML basics done!01:54 CSS Introduction03:02 CSS Hello World06:04 CSS Tag Selector05:53 Exercise lab for CSS selector05:00 CSS Properties02:51 CSS Classes04:45 Exercise lab for CSS class05:00 Exercise lab for CSS class05:00 CSS IDs04:27 Exercise lab for CSS IDs05:00 Exercise lab for CSS IDs05:00 Proper HTML document05:08 Exercise lab for creating doctype05:00 Exercise lab for creating head and body05:00 Inline vs Block element05:57 Types of stylesheets04:32 Introduction to Flexbox Layout07:08 flex05:51 Exercise lab for flexbox05:00 flex06:20 Exercise lab for flexbox05:00 justify04:46 Exercise lab for flexbox05:00 Exercise lab for flex-direction05:00 Exercise lab for flex-direction05:00 Exercise lab for flex-direction05:00 CSS Colors08:17 Center a DIV03:33 Positioning in CSS - absolute and relative09:03 Positioning in CSS - fixed05:39 Positioning in CSS - sticky04:00 CSS backgrounds04:29 Simple Google Homepage Project21:45 Are you ready to level up your career further?01:00

Supplementary Courses:

Concepts you'll learn:

Concepts you'll learn:

Concepts you'll learn:

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