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JavaScript 101

40 videos 14 exercises - 246min
1. What is JavaScript? 2min2. Text Editors 2min3. Setting up development environment 4min4. How to use JavaScript? 3min5. Variables 2min6. var/let vs const 2min7. Exercise lab for variables 5min8. Exercise lab for variables 5min9. Exercise lab for variables 5min10. Data Types 5min11. Functions 2min12. console.log and Chrome DevTools 2min13. Function Parameters 4min14. return statement 5min15. Scoping 10min16. alert/prompt/confirm 5min17. Objects 7min18. Exercise lab for objects 5min19. Exercise lab for objects 5min20. Exercise lab for objects 5min21. Exercise lab for objects 5min22. Arrays 6min23. if-else 4min24. Exercise lab for if-else 5min25. switch-case 6min26. Exercise lab for switch-case 5min27. Math operators 5min28. Increment Decrement 8min29. Exercise lab for increment 5min30. Exercise lab for decrement 5min31. Logical Operators 8min32. Bitwise Operators 5min33. for Loop 6min34. Exercise lab for loop 5min35. while Loop 2min36. Exercise lab while loop 5min37. do-while Loop 2min38. Exercise lab do-while 5min39. break vs continue vs return 4min40. 3min41. Array.filter 3min42. Array.forEach 3min43. Array.reduce 5min44. Array.indexOf, Array.includes, Array.find 4min45. == v/S === 8min46. JS DOM 4min47. document/window Object 6min48. getElementById 4min49. More ways to traverse 7min50. setTimeout and setInterval 4min51. clearTimeout and clearInterval 4min52. Event Handlers 4min53. Error Handling 5min54. Closing Series 1min
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