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Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms

Master the fundamentals of DSA

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This is an official course from Data Structures And Algorithms Learning Path learning path.


  • Basics of Space Time Complexity
  • BigO vs Theta vs Omega Complexity
  • Binary Number System
  • Decimal Number System
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Basic Problem Solving using Bits
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Basics of Recursion


This course will teach you the fundamentals that are required to master data structures and algorithms. This course includes thoery that is important to understand various concepts such as Space Time Complexity, Binary and Decimal Number System, operations on bit level and how bits work, etc.

Please make sure that you have worked with Java programming language before. Just in case you are new to Java programming language or you haven't worked with Java before, do checkout Master Java course.

Checkout Java Master Course (Zero - Intermediate):

Course Structure

31 lectures 04:24:11 total duration

  What is DSA? (Watch video)
  Space and Time Complexity (Watch video)
  Constant Space Time Complexity - O(1) 
  Linear Space Time Complexity - O(n) 
  Logarithmic Space Time Complexity - O(logn)  
  Quadratic- O(n^2) and Cubic - O(n^3) Space Time Complexity 
  Quick Recap on Space and Time Complexities 
  Quiz Question (Attempt quiz)
  Quiz Question 
  Quiz Question 

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profile pic for Trilok Rana
Mar 18, 2023
too good explanation.
profile pic for Bijith T
Mar 18, 2023
Clearly covered the basics
profile pic for Tarush Chandra
Feb 21, 2023
Literally the best DSA course I've ever watched, I always struggled to learn about DSA since I'm more of a developer than a DSA lover and never enjoyed all this but this course changed my mindset and really helped me a build a foundation for it. Moreover, the teaching style of the instructor is just awesome. Thanks a ton Piyush! :)
profile pic for Alok Verma
Feb 01, 2023
easy to understand

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Piyush Garg

Full-stack Developer

Hi, I am Piyush and I love to explore new technologies and frameworks. I work as a freelancer in various domains such as the Backend engineer, AWS Cloud solution architect, etc. Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with clean codes that follow proper design principles and patterns.

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