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Codeday (28th-30th May) marks the release of multiple new features. Stay tuned to find out how we're changing the way you learn programming, one feature at a time.

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Live AWS Sandbox

Today, we're launching the ability to practice live inside AWS through codedamn managed AWS sandboxes. These sandboxes provide a very easy and convenient way of learning DevOps on AWS without worrying about billing or leaving something running by mistake. We're launching EC2 for beginners - featuring lab sessions where you have to complete tasks on AWS, evaluated on codedamn.

✨ Sandbox Features

  • Bundled in your Pro membership
  • Fully featured AWS cloud environment provisioned in less than 5 seconds.
  • Fully managed by codedamn - no need to worry about accidental billing.
  • Used to build interactive coding courses on AWS - one of many courses using AWS sandbox already released.

Try Pro For Free

For a limited time, every new codedamn Pro subscription includes a risk free 3-day Pro access where you pay nothing, and that unlocks cool features like AWS sandbox and full platform. AI-based 24x7 help, coding labs with codedamn playgrounds, 500+ coding problems, 100+ projects and so much more.

✨ Pro Features

  • 3-day zero risk free trial on every Pro subscription
  • AWS Sandbox to practice AWS courses
  • Codedamn playgrounds to practice frontend, backend, full-stack and web 3 in-browser
  • Frontend, backend, full-stack learning paths (full roadmaps)
  • 500+ coding problems
  • 100+ projects and courses

Logic building with JavaScript (DSA)

We are rolling a collection of 150+ coding problems for you to build logical understanding in JavaScript. These problems cover a variety of coding topics - useful from interviews to general programming alike.

Refer and Earn

Our community gives us a lot of love organically through word of mouth via platforms like WhatsApp groups, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Today, we're making a structural change to how we can thank you for your efforts for helping us get a word out.

Codedamn is the best way to learn programming with hands-on practice. Now it's the best way to earn rewards too.

✨ Benefits

  • Exclusive Codedamn swags, kits whenever you refer developers
  • Refer friends and see their ranks. Compete for XP by solving problems, completing courses and building projects.
  • Get mystery boxes and surprise gifts from Team codedamn.