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Campus Evangelist Programat codedamn

Ignite and develop the entrepreneur and leader in you during a six-month journey with the brightest of codedamn. Be the face of codedamn on your campus.

We are on our wayto build India’s Largest Developer Community!

  • Start building your network and increase your social presence.
  • Bring together like-minded people to aid learning and grow together.
  • Be part of the codedamn Community and grab amazing opportunities.

Application Process


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Online registration


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Application Shortlisting


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Phone/Google Meet Interview


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Onboarding Session

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Currently enrolled in any STEM program (university, bootcamp, etc.)
  2. Should be passionate about technology and developer communities

Eligible? What are you waiting for? Start your Journey with codedamn Today

What will you do?

  1. Being a codedamn evangelist at the campus and be the single POC for every event that needs to be done.
  2. Introduce the codedamn platform to the students on the campus.
  3. Organize Freshmen Introductions and expand the reach of codedamn by hosting Webinars, Workshops, and Hackathons.
  4. Help codedamn reach out to the college’s club/communities/ chapters and aid in community learning.
  5. Finish the Given task in the required time and report it to codedamn to get your code coins which you can use to redeem your benefits.

What we can provide?

  1. Cash rewards of 50% (upto ₹5,000/sale)
  2. Win more amazing swags, goodies, and other benefits.
  3. Unlimited playgrounds access for your college events.
  4. Sponsorships for your college events.
  5. Guidance and mentorship.
  6. Certificates and LoR after gaining a certain amount of code coins.
  7. Exclusive discounts to Campus Evangelists on codedamn Pro.
  8. Chance to get featured on codedamn website.

Frequently asked questions

Why codedamn Evangelist Program?
Evangelist Program will help you to ignite and build your entrepreneurial skills and leadership mindset. You will explore and have the opportunity to lead developer events, gain insider codedamn feature access, swags, and more!
What do you mean by tasks? What are the types of tasks I need to perform?
Tasks are a set of engaging activities designed in such a way that you can engage more audience for the brand. You will also be a part of our fun social activities here. The major focus here is to boost your social network and engage yourselves in developer communities.
I have my exams and I won’t be able to devote the required time for the program? How will this work?
The program is totally flexible. All the tasks and activities are designed in such a way that nothing will feel hard and they will be fast to execute.
I am not from an engineering background, am I eligible?
We at codedamn encourage learning irrespective of which degree you are pursuing. If you are really passionate about technology, you are eligible for the program.