Campus Evangelist Program

Ignite and develop the entrepreneurial leader in you through a four month journey with the brightest of codedamn. Be the face of codedamn on your campus.

Lead & empower tech communities at your college.
Bring together like-minded people to aid learning & grow together.
Become a part of the community and grab exciting rewards.
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Steps to Apply

Application Form

Application Shortlisting

Interview Round

Get your Offer Letter

Onboarding Session

Eligibility Criteria

Currently enrolled in any STEM program (university, bootcamp, etc.)

Passionate about new developments and upcoming technologies

Curious about making a positive impact through innovative technology

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Your Role as a Campus Evangelist

As a Campus Evangelist, you will be the single point-of-contact for any event that needs to be done in your campus.

Host program orientations and expand the community by organizing webinars, workshops and hackathons.

Start at your campus and help codedamn in its mission of making interactive learning accessible to everyone.

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What we'll provide

Exciting awards, swags & other benefits as a campus evangelist.

Unlimited playgrounds access for college events with guidance & mentorship.

Certificates and LoRs with a chance to get featured on the codedamn website.

Heavy discounts on all courses for students at your campus.

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Students <3 codedamn

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Day by day codedamn is making me a Front-End Superman. 🦸‍♂️

Manuraj Shukla 💯
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I'm loving the platform so far and how quickly it's developing. You guys are blowing away the competition in every aspect.

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Grabbed CodeDamn Pro Yearly Subscription.🔥 codedamn Subscription > Netflix Subscription. Grab it before its too late. Thank You @mehulmpt. 🙏

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Eligible? What are you waiting for?