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Web Development: A good choice for a career?

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Web Development: A good choice for a career?

You might have heard about web development through your friends or some advertisement. So I am here to share my opinions as a web developer whether you should have a career in it or not.

What is web development?

Web development is a process involved in developing a website or web application. It includes the building of any web page. The web page can be of any type i.e., contact us, sign up, log in, or the page you are reading now.
Every web page we see on the internet is created using web development.

Now the question arises what exactly do we need to be called a web developer?

Mainly there are three types of web developers i.e., front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer. I will try to explain each of them separately.

Front-end Developer: A front-end developer is responsible for developing website and applications which is seen through a client site. He/she is responsible for making aesthetically pleasing and simple web pages. They need to ensure that the site is working correctly in different browsers, operating systems, and devices like iPad. For becoming a front-end developer one needs to learn Html, CSS, and JavaScript. After that, they can learn some libraries like React.js, Vue.js, etc. to do the work more easily and efficiently.

Back-end Developer: A back-end developer is responsible for developing server-side web application logic. It contains behind the scene functions which occur when some particular action is performed. Like when a user sign up to any website then their information is stored in a database and its code is written by back-end developers. For becoming a back-end developer one needs to learn any backend programming language like Java, Python, JavaScript, or Ruby then he/she should know various DBMS technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle.

Full-stack Developer: A full-stack developer is responsible for developing server-side as well as client-side web applications. It is a hybrid of both front-end and back-end web developers so basically a full-stack developer is a jack of all trades. Many people take JavaScript as their programming language for backend development as they have already learned while learning front-end development so it is one of the most popular languages that a full stack developer uses.

Some Pros of becoming a developer:

Work Flexibility: The first good thing is flexibility. An individual is allowed to work the way they want to. Web development jobs are high in demand so companies often try to give a good work-life balance. In many companies, programmers have a choice to do work from home. Even if you don’t want to work full time then freelancing is also a great option with more flexibility.

High Salaries and many opportunities: Right now we are in a digital era so no matter what happens technology is always there. So online businesses will continue to expand which even eventually need their website and branding to be built therefore there are many opportunities in this field. According to Glassdoor the average salary for a Junior web developer is $54,456 per annum so every company pays for your skills.

It is creative and fun field: It gives an individual opportunity to express their ideas and creativity through a web page. There have been many awesome websites that are build using different color combinations and simple also like

Never Ending: There will always be a necessity for a developer to upgrade themselves as many new languages come. If you are passionate about learning and web development as well then there will always be an urge to learn more frameworks and make things simpler.


Web development is an exciting career to choose however you must explore this domain properly before making any decision.

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