React vs Django: Which is better for Web Development?

React vs Django: Which is better for Web Development?

React vs Django is probably the most confusing decision by a Developer in the initial days of the Development Journey. As React focuses on Frontend and Mobile App Development on the other hand Django focuses on Backend and Frontend Development. Both of them have their advantages over others but those advantages are in different fields which are useful as a Developer.

In this article, we’ll see which of both frameworks is better to start working with as a Beginner.


React also known as React.js is a frontend Development framework built with JavaScript to develop modern websites, JavaScript being the Programming Language. Most Developers use React.js to build their websites with a modern look and faster than the legacy development process.

React.js is a library developed by Facebook’s modern name Meta, with the core principle of component reusability. In React.js a Developer can break down a website into multiple components allowing the developer to focus on the development and building of complex UI. Today in the modern world React.js is used by many of the big tech companies like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and many more. React has been so popular that some of the frameworks are built on top of React.js like Next. Many companies are using Nextjs too like Walmart, Codedamn, Netflix, TikTok, and even my Portfolio.

Advantages of Using React.js

Most of the developers in the modern web Development world are using React.js over others due to many advantages making them develop websites faster. Some of the Advantages are listed below:-

React.js is Lightweight

React.js is a component-based library that allows developers to break their website into multiple components, allowing the developer to build complex UI with minimal effort.

Faster than other Frameworks and Libraries

React.js is a library that helps the complete website to be light in production and also React.js uses VirtualDOM which helps the UI to render the components on the Document faster than Angular or Vue.js.

React.js is comparably new with modern Features

One of the core Advantages of React.js is that it comes with the most latest features and security protocols inbuilt which is lacking in legacy software/Web Development. Performing the same task in the Legacy Web Development process is a lot of time taking when compared with React.js.

Low Code with React

React.js offers multiple ways to reduce your number of lines of code using the component architecture allowing you to develop a single component once and use it any number of times you want to.

Learn Once, Write anywhere

With React you can develop Websites with ease and faster, but what makes React.js even more popular than others is that Learn React.js and get friendly with its environment with the help of React Native you can also develop Mobile Apps that can run on multiple platforms like Android, IOS and others.

Disadvantages of using React.js

While React.js offers many advantages to the Developer, it still consists of many Disadvnatge for a Developer too

Constantly evolving Environment of React.js

React.js is a constantly evolving technology, being an Open Source library from FaceBook’s current name Meta, a huge number of Developers are constantly adding more code to make it easier to use and high in performance with the pace of Development.

This affects the React Developer as he/she has to relearn the entire concept as React can introduce major changes which make the previous concepts/tutorials over the Internet obsolete.

Poor Documentation

Documentation in React.js is considered to be very poorly written as it is constantly evolving but at such a speed that the developers have no time to maintain the documentation with the ongoing Release of the library.


Django is a Python Web Development framework that allows a Python Developer to write Python Code and Develop a custom backend with perfection and complete security at par with modern Security. Django is considered to be the Web Development framework for Perfectionists. Django is considered to be fast, secure, and scalable with minimal lines of code, It is written in Python which makes a Developer Develop and Ship Apps very quickly with security handled by Django itself.

Django has a very steep learning curve making a Developer learn Django quite easily with basic knowledge of Python. Django uses Django-html instead of regular HTML to reduce the amount of Code a Developer has to write.

Advantages of Using Django

Implemented in Python

Django is developed in Python as its coding Language, which makes even a beginner in Python Programming language understand the code of a Django App.

Django and Batteries

Django was Developed by Web-Developers for Web Developers which means that the boring stuff has already been worked out leaving us with the fun part of Web Development with Django.

Django means Scalable Apps

Django is developed in such a way that it can manage any kind of Hardware changes you make and it will be handled by Django itself. It is soo much reliable that even Instagram, Discord, and many other companies are using Django as their backend Tech stack.

Security by Django

Security in the modern world means the Privacy of the entire user base and our data too, luckily all of the Networking and Security stuff is already been taken care of by the developers and you just have to enjoy the Development part which the Framework has to offer.

Disadvantages of using Django

Not suited for Smaller Projects

Django is developed to be scalable and is meant for larger projects, not for smaller ones. It comes with a huge amount of functionalities that this framework is to offer, also it comes with a huge number of lines of code which isn’t required for low-end websites which only require low bandwidth to run which by default Django consumes a huge number of resources.

Django vs React.js

Now that we all know what Django and React.js and what are their Advantages and Disadvantages are. Let’s focus on the topic again Django vs React

Benefits of Django when compared with React.js

There are many Advantages of Django over React.js, all of them are listed below:-

Backend Development

You have to admit that Backend Development with React is not possible ( as of writing this article ) which gives Django the biggest of its advantage over React.

Database Integrity

Django is compatible with most of the Databases out there currently in Production which gives us leverage over React which is quite powerful when it comes to NO-SQL Databases.


Django is a Framework that is highly scalable when it comes to both Frontend or Backend, It is built in a way that it can handle any number of requests.

API Development

With Django performing the Backend Operations a Developer can easily develop APIs in Django with the help of Django Rest Framework which allows API Development with the latest securities.


Django itself handles the security of the App from various Web Attacks like CSRF ( Cross-site request forgery ), XSS ( Cross Site Scripting ), clickJacking, and many others.

Admin Panel

The one place where React can overthrow Django is the Frontend Part still the Admin Panel can be easily Developed with Django here instead of React as Django can easily write content directly from the user and create fields from directly

Benifits of React.js over Django

Component Templating

With React.js a Developer just has to write the code for one component and then provide the data and it’ll automatically create multiple components based on the data provided saving a lot of time for the Developers.

Data Storage in React.js a.k.a State Management

Though React.js contacts the Backend for the Data to hydrate the Document still React can under the hood manage its state and handle the data on itself with the help of inbuilt State Management or by a plugin named Redux.

Diversity with React.js

With a shorter Learning curve, a Developer can Build and Develop Apps for both Web and Mobile Apps while Desktop Development is still in Development.

Isomorphic Apps

React in its initial Days was only a client-side Development which always made SEO a problem but now it offers both Client Side Rendering as well as Server Side Rendering allowing a better SEO these days.

So which is better for Web Development??

Until now we have already seen that Django is better with Backend Development and React on the other hand is better with Frontend Development, Most Developers use Django as their Backend development and React with Frontend Development.

Advantages of using React with Django

Separate Frontend and Backend

With React and Django you specify the Particular Tech stack to perform only certain tasks which is Django to manage and give Data to a certain EndPoint and React to grab the Data from the Endpoint and Hydrate the Document.

Easy managing the Data

With Django, you’ll be able to manage the Data directly from the Database without even messing up the code of the Frontend and the Changes will be automatically reflected.

Low Bandwith of the Server

By allowing both the Apss to be performing a certain amount of tasks we now will use less in the number of resources as Django will only perform with high resources only with the Database and React will perform only with the User interaction.

Disadvantages of using React with Django

More Server Resources

By Separating your Apps into two different Tech stacks you’ll practically need two Server instances to host your Apps over the Internet, which will eventually cost a bit more than Regular Server Instances.


In modern Web Development, JavaScript owns the field where you can do pretty much anything in Web Development like Creating Connections with DataBase using Node.js, Developing Desktop Apps using Electron.js, Developing FrontEnd Websites using React, and Developing Mobile Applications using React Native. Python is a very powerful programming language and by using Django a Web Development framework built with Python we also inherit a vast amount of functionalities with the security of Python and approved by Web Developers itself.

In my opinion, there is no comparison between React.js vs Django, This comparison was about functionalities and Developing Apps faster. Django and React were never meant to be compared instead they were molded in a way that they will perform together to Develop High performing Apps with Security.

In the end, it still can be favored by someone depending on their level of experience in either of the programming language either it be Python or JavaScript.

If you want to Learn React we’ll recommend you to start learning React 18 for free from Codedamn itself, and if you want to learn Django we recommend you to start learning Python first and that too from Codedamn’s interactive Python Mastery Course.

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