10 Web Development Blogs You Should Follow

10 Web Development Blogs You Should Follow

Want to stay in the know about what’s happening in web development? Which new framework got released? Or want tutorials to solve something? I have got you ten web development blogs that keep you updated with current web development trends.

Codedamn News

codedamn logo

On codedamn news, you will find the latest programming and web development news. 

You will find an ocean’s worth of web development blogs for free. You will discover how-to guides, tutorials, web3, and general programming-related articles that will keep you updated with the latest trends in web development.

Some famous works of codedamn news:

  1. Top 100 JavaScript Interview Questions
  2. Complete web3.js tutorial 2022

Link to Codedamn News


css-tricks logo
css-tricks logo

A very popular among frontend developers. On css-tricks, you will find articles on WordPress and how to do some amazing things using css.

Famous works of css-tricks are,

  • Guides on 
    • Flexbox, 
    • Grids
    • SVGs
    • Media queries 
    • Css-functions 
    • Css-gradients 
    • And CSS custom properties.
  • Almanacs
    • Of css properties
    • Of css selectors

If you want to improve your front-end development skills, check it out.

Link to CSS Tricks

Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine logo
smashing magazine logo

It’s a magazine for web designers and developers who want to stay updated with current design and development trends.

The smashing magazine publishes articles related to,

  • Accessibility
  • CSS
  • UX
  • JavaScript
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Front-end frameworks
  • And Guides

Link to smashing magazine


codrops logo
codrops logo

Codrop or tympanus is a popular creative blog that posts creative threejs projects and articles. 

If you have come across some cool animations involving GSAP, threeJS, or barbaJS, you will find tutorials on codrops.

If you want to improve your creativity and get inspiration for your projects, then it’s the go-to blog.

They also publish a weekly review of creative websites.

Link to codrops

David Walsh

David Walsh logo
David Walsh logo

He is a javascript consultant, and it’s a personal blog. He posts articles related to front-end and WordPress.

You will find writings on, 

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Chrome Extension development using JS.
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • And some articles related to the back-end.

He also publishes interviews with other front-end devs. 

His famous interview on his blog is with a web developer at pornhub.

Link to David Walsh Blog

JavaScript in a plain English

JavaScript in a plain English
javascript in a Plain English logo

With more than two milion views, It’s a popular publication on Medium that writes on JavaScript-related news in plain English.

If you are a true fan of JavaScript and stay updated with its upcoming changes to JS and features of JS, then you have found the right blog.

They also have other publications related to PythonAWS, and AI in plain English.

Link to JavaScript in a plain English

Learn With Jason

learn with Jason logo
learn with Jason logo

It is a community of web developers learning in public. Jason hosts live streams related to web development and design with expert developers and designers twice a week.

He has covered almost every web development domain, from front-end to back-end. On his blog, you will get videos with the transcript. If you are not a native English speaker

Link to Learn with Jason

Frontend Horse

frontend horse logo
frontend horse logo

Want to learn web development tricks from creative web developers? Front-end horse publishes articles related to inventive front-end tricks. 

I use this website to learn new tricks. They also have newsletters that deliver a new creative trick to your inbox weekly.

Link to frontend horse

Josh W Comeau

Josh W Comeau logo
Josh W Comeau logo

He is a creative developer, and his blog is very famous among front-end developers. According to a similar web, his website receives 700K visits monthly

He publishes articles on,

  • CSS
  • JS
  • React
  • next
  • Website Performance
  • Animations
  • Career

His popular course is css for javascript developers.

Link to his Josh Comeau blog

Simple Programmer

simple programmer logo
simple programmer logo

If you are a developer, having soft skills will significantly benefit you. John Sonmez is the author of simple programmer and popular books about soft skills.  

On his blog, you will find articles related to,

  • Productivity for developers
  • Interview guides
  • Freelancing as developers
  • MERN & MEAN Stack, related articles

Link to simple programmer


I hope you found this article helpful. You can follow those web development blogs to stay updated with current and future web development and design trends.

Thanks for reading

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