What is HackerRank React JS Test?

What is HackerRank React JS Test?

Are you wondering how you can become better at React JS or do you already have good proficiency in React JS but have no proof for the same? Well, do not worry we’ve got you covered! All you have to do is take the HackerRank React JS test! If you pass it, then you will earn a certificate for the same. You can attach this to your resume hence can bag high-paying web developer jobs in no time! Exciting, right? Now let us understand how you can ace this test and earn this certificate as fast as possible!

What is React JS?

If you have just started your web development journey and want to get some certificates for the same then you should start by learning React JS. Currently, React JS is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries for front-end development. Everything in React JS is made up of components. This makes the developer’s work very easy as we can make components as per our needs and use their functionality whenever and wherever needed. Due to this development, time and efforts are less, and code maintenance is easy.

Other than this reason, there are many reasons why web developers are opting for this open-source front-end technology. Firstly, the community of React JS is huge thereby making its ecosystem very rich and helpful for newly joined developers. It is the ideal technology to make dynamic user interface components for single-page web as well as mobile applications. Note that before learning React JS, one must know the basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ES6.

What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a technology company that mainly focuses on competitive programming skills for both businesses and consumers. Here developers can test their knowledge in different software languages and give tests to get certificated for the same. Developers can also compete globally in competitions that involve solving programming problems according to the given specifications.

What is the HackerRank React JS Test?

If you want to check your React JS skills, it is advisable to take the HackerRank React JS Test. You can verify your skills in React and thereby can showcase your proficiency as a HackerRank verified developer. This HackerRank React JS Test is an assessment that helps coders to prove their programming skills. If you clear this test, then you will be especially highlighted to companies when they apply for the relevant job roles.

HackerRank React JS Test Certificate
HackerRank React JS Test Certificate

If by chance you do not succeed in passing, your marks will not be revealed and will be kept completely private. Hence no harm will be done. Take your own time and space to study and reappear for the exam when it seems fit. The HackerRank React JS Test is for 1 hour 30 minutes and covers the basics of React JS. These basics include routing, rendering components, state management of the internal component state, event handling, basics of ES6 and JavaScript, and Form validation.

How to prepare for the HackerRank React JS Test?

HackerRank React JS Test is only available for Basics of React JS and not intermediate and advanced levels. But we have stated the key points on which you will be tested for each level. In all there are three levels:

  1. Basic level
  2. Intermediate level
  3. Advanced level

Here are the levels and a brief understanding of what you will be tested for at each level.

1. Basic HackerRank React JS Test

For the basic level, a developer must know what is routing and how can you match request paths to their respective elements. Then we should know how to create and render components. Creating and updating the values of the states for class components is vital. The most important thing that a developer should know is event handling. One should know how to create and update state elements when a particular event occurs. Other than these React JS concepts, one should also know about the basics of Form validation, JavaScript, and ES6.

2. Intermediate HackerRank React JS Test

You should have a clear understanding of components and props for the intermediate level. How you can manage these components using hooks or setState() and knowing the different stages in the component lifecycle is highly essential. Routing with parameters in URL and creating navigation bars as well as the use of APIs to fetch data should be known. You are also expected to know the two most commonly used hooks, useState, and effect.

3. Advanced HackerRank React JS Test

The advanced level developers should know business logic, testing, and debugging of React JS. They are expected to know custom hooks, use effect with dependencies, and so on. Even error handling and contest API should be learned.


Now, you are aware of what a HackerRank React JS Test is and how you can ace it! But remember getting this certification is just the beginning. Ensure that you practice, revise and learn every day! This hard work will surely make you an exceptional programmer. Hence do not forget to check out Codedamn! It has well-curated courses and articles which will help you build your skills. Furthermore, you can practice your code on Codedamn’s playground as well! If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know!

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