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Top 5 React JS Certification and Courses

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Top 5 React JS Certification and Courses

Have you just started your web development and are curious to know about React JS? Or do you want to just improve your React JS skill? Then why not enroll yourself in a course? After completing the course you will also receive a React JS Certification which you can add to your resume and show the recruiters your coding capabilities! Here we will discuss the need for a React JS Certification and how you can get one as well as how to improve your React JS skills. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s jump right in then!

What is React JS?

React JS is an open-source library developed by Facebook. This JavaScript library is globally used for the front-end development of user interface components of web applications. React is not only easy to code but also provides developers with numerous features which improve the performance of the project.

Everything in React JS revolves around components. Due to the use of these components, the reusability increases hence reducing the developing time and work for big scale projects. Furthermore, the use of virtual DOM saves a lot of time as only the components which are changed are updated and not the entire DOM. Even the data flow in React JS is unidirectional, this makes understanding the code easy for other developers.

Need for React JS Certification

Currently, the demand for React JS developers has increased tremendously! This opens many amazing opportunities for grabs. Due to this many people apply for the job role. This puts a strain on the recruiters as they have to filter out a needle in a stack of hay. Having a React JS Certification in your hand proves to be very useful as it is a proof that you know the required skill. This React JS Certification will catch the recruiter’s eye hence will allow you to try for the job.

Top React JS Certification you should get

There are multiple courses online which provide a React JS Certification after the course. But is this React JS Certification valid and have you learned all the necessary concepts to be termed as a React JS developer? To solve all this confusion here are the top 5 courses which provide you a React JS Certification on its completion.

  1. Learn React – The complete React JS guide from Udemy
  2. React JS Certification – Full Stack Web Developer by Coursera
  3. Best React JS Course – Modern React with Redux from Udemy
  4. Learning React.js Training Couse – Lynda – LinkedIn Learning
  5. The Complete React Web Developer Course

Now, let’s talk about all these courses and the React JS Certification associated with them in brief:

1. Learn React – The complete React JS guide from Udemy

The curator of this course, Maximilian Schwarzmüller is a pro when it comes to web development and passing his knowledge to others! He has taught more than 2,00,000+ students various concepts of coding and this course is one of his biggest sellers. In this course, you will learn React JS from scratch. You will also learn about Redux, animation, routing, node.js basics, and so on. Although it is beginner-friendly, it is also suitable for intermediate and expert developers.

2. React JS Certification – Full Stack Web Developer by Coursera

The Hongkong University of Science and Technology has created this program which is available on the Coursera platform. You will learn about bootstrap, server-side development, and React Native along with React JS. There are projects and practical exercises which aim to implement whatever you learn from the course.

3. Best React JS Course – Modern React with Redux from Udemy

Another amazing course from Udemy that has more than 85,000 students enrolled. You will learn about the fundamentals of React and Redux by creating applications using ES6, webpack, and react js router. After receiving a React JS certificate from this course you will be a master at JavaScript, NPM, Babel, and webpack.

4. Learning React.js Training Course – Lynda – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn provides developers with courses so they can learn new skills. The instructor, Eve Porcello, helps you learn React JS by building an interface using a sample of full-stack bulletin board applications. This course is free and covers all the basics of React.

5. The Complete React Web Developer Course

Andrew Mead has developed a 36.5-hour long course where he has taught more than 90,000 students about web development using React JS. This course provides you with supplemental resources for a lifetime. Also, the course is regularly updated to keep learners up to date with the new concepts of React JS.


There are many React JS certifications you can get but there is no use in getting them if you do not learn the required basics. Hence spend a lot of time and effort in building a strong foundation. If you are still confused you can check out Codedamn! The courses and articles here are amazing for building your technical skills. Hope you liked this article. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments. Join the Codedamn community to interact with fellow learners.

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