React JS Developer Salary in India

React JS Developer Salary in India

Do you have a dream to become a web developer or are fond of creating websites? Well, you can make this dream into a career and earn a good amount of money for creating projects you like. Might sound a little illusional, right? Currently, the majority of the companies are searching to recruit React developers and are ready to pay them handsomely. We will talk about all these opportunities, the skills needed and what is the approximate React JS developer salary you should expect.

What is a React JS Developer?

React JS Developers are programmers who design and build highly user-friendly and dynamic UI components for JavaScript-based websites. They make use of React JS which is one of the most widely used open-source front-end libraries in the world. These developers have to work on all the stages of the project from the component designing to the testing and debugging of the final code.

Why should you become a React JS Developer?

In this fast-moving digital world, everything has to be done in a limited time yet it should yield maximum profits. This is the sole reason for React JS becoming popular. React JS developer salaries are high as they are in great demand. With the increasing number of applications, the competition also has increased tremendously. Startups as well as big tech giants require skilled developers to help their companies reach a new high. Hence they opt for programmers who are skilled in React JS.

What are the Requisites for a React JS developer?

Here is a list of requirements a developer must have in order to land a high paying React JS Developer salary:

  • Extensive knowledge about data structures and algorithms
  • Good proficiency in Mathematics and analysis
  • Experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Rest APIS, and other related tech stacks
  • Have a good knowledge about the basics of React like components, callback functions, hooks, routing, and so on.
  • Should have knowledge about Node JS, Next.JS, and express as well.
  • Should have good communication and coordinating skills.

React JS Developer Salary In India: According to Roles

There are three types of developers, frontend, backend, and lastly full-stack. The React JS developer salary varies upon the type of job roles and duties given to the developer. Let us discuss this in-depth:

Front End Developer: The types of developers which solely focus on the visual part of the client-side of the website are known as frontend developers. Their main work is to manage the aesthetics and layouts of the user interface. Additionally, they need to maintain the same layout on multiple devices making sure the UI they have developed fits each type of screen size perfectly. The developers should have skills in UI/UX, React JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frontend tech stack like React JS. The annual average React JS developer salary in India is Rs. 4,75,885.

Backend Developers: Developers who deal with data storage, catching system, callback function, requests, databases, logging systems, and other server-related tasks are called Backend developers. They are responsible for improving the scalability and performance of the application to create a smooth user experience for the client. The average salary in India for this role is Rs. 6,80,680.

Full Stack Developer: Developers who have a good understanding of both the frontend and backend development are called full-stack developers. They are expected to make user interfaces and connect these components to the server and database thereby making a full-fledged project. The average salary in India for this role is Rs. 5,99,995.

React JS Developer Salary Range in India

The average React JS Developer salary is Rs. 7,33,000 in India. For an entry-level developer who has less than one year of experience annually is Rs. 4,00,000. While a developer who has at least 1 – 4 years experience can get around 5,40,000 per annum. An intermediate React JS developer salary who has 5 -6 years of expertise can earn Rs. 13,00,000 per annum. Finally, a senior-level developer can earn more than 17,00,000 a year in India. The majority of web developers start their journey through frontend development and work their way into becoming full-stack developers.

Factors on which React JS developer salary depends on

The React JS Developer salary mainly depends on three primary factors:

  1. Location
  2. Experience and skill
  3. Company

Location: the number of job opportunities and annual React JS developer salary are highest in Hyderabad. Followed by this is Banglore, Mumbai, and New Delhi. As Hyderabad is the tech hub of India, it has the most paid job roles for technical aspects.

Experience and skill: In comparison to a senior-level developer, an entry-level developer will always get less. This shows more the experience and better the skill set, the higher the React JS developer salary will be.

Company: Each company has a certain budget and a limited vacancy to be filled. Due to this, the same job roles in various companies vary. For instance, Amazon gives Rs. 10,00,000, and Accenture gives Rs. 4,76,000 from the same job role. Also, product-based companies are more likely to pay more than service-based companies. Furthermore, the location of the company matters as well.


I hope this article has provided you with a good idea of what your career will look like if you try to become a React Developer. We also understood the average React JS developer salary and the factors it depends on. If you are still confused about where and hope to start then check out Codedamn! The courses wherein no time will help you create a strong foundation for a career in the technical field!

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