Best online coding communities to join

Best online coding communities to join

Coding has become immensely popular in past years due to its high-paying package, as much as it is interesting and high-paying but also just as a challenging field. Technology in the coding space changes every year, therefore it is important to have some kind of guide or mentor to rely on. Here coding communities come to the rescue, they help you by connecting you with like-minded people with whom you can share your knowledge, ask questions, get mentorship on a topic you are struggling with, ask for the required tools, code review, and much more.

If you want to excel in the coding field then joining a coding community is a must. Communities are the type of platform where like-minded Profesional come and share their experiences, network with each other, share their struggles and failures in a particular field and help each other in becoming better coders.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

In this article, I have written about some of the top coding communities you can join to become a better coder.


If you are someone who is in the coding space, then you can not just ignore Github, it is a must for every coder out there. You can call it professional social networking, where 83 million or more or more coders work together. Here people do discussions, share ideas, and help each other in building projects. I am pretty sure that GitHub would be a great place to start.

DevRel Collective

It is another community of coders who come together and facilitate sharing of information, resources, and encouragement among the DevRel community.


It is another next-generation coding community with 100k+ developers, where you can learn to code interactively, build projects, collaborate with other developers, and become job ready. Here you can also become a campus evangelist and enjoy free perks and merchandise by scaling and building community in your university. Codename also runs interesting challenges to make coding fun, such as 100 Days of Projects, where you can spend the last 100 days of 2022 building 20 fun and interactive web development projects in a guided mode. Codedamn also has its Discord channel, which you can use to ask questions, answer existing ones, and network with other peers.

Stack Overflow

In the stack overflow community, enthusiast coders exchange question and answer with each other. Here you can find the answers to most of your questions, and can also contribute by helping other coders with their problems. It has a community of more than a 100+million coders.


If you are a Web 3.0 enthusiast, then this community is for you, my dear friend. Hacker Noon is an international community of 35k+ coders where they publish their stories, share expertise, and read about other coders. Here you can explore the new technology that is emerging in the Web 3.0 space and also contribute.


If you are a meme lover then you might have heard about Reddit but Reddit is not just about memes it is much more than that. There are many coding communities available as well. There are many subreddits available on Reddit that you can follow and build connections, ask questions, and also contribute to it.

Women who code

Female participation in the tech industry is rising at a faster pace and if you are an aspiring women coder then this community is for you. Women who code is built to empower women in tech. There are 200+K women coders in this community operating at different levels of the tech industry. Here you can find job opportunities, leadership positions, and resources to upskill yourself.


It is a not-for-profit community of millions of people around the globe who are becoming better coders together. There are many free courses available on Freecodecamp on various topics from which you can learn apart from that they also provide you with coding projects and interview preparation to get you job-ready.


It is one of the largest communities of coders where coders and aspiring coders come together and network with each other, help in solving problems, and learn from one another. Dev.to has more than 700+k members where aspiring coders write blog posts and share feedback.


Communities are the best of way learning I would say, learning can be tough and monotonous but with communities, the whole process becomes fun and somewhat easy. They help you in becoming the best of yourself by connecting you with aspiring coders. Communities also open up a plethora of opportunities for you through networking and sharing your work with the public. Hence a coding community is a must for any coder.

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