10 Scrimba Alternatives To Learn Programming

10 Scrimba Alternatives To Learn Programming

Scrimba is a code-learning platform that helps motivated newbies become professional web developers without spending a fortune. Scrimba mission is to give students the quality of a coding Bootcamp at the price of a gym membership. It uses the concept of interactive screencasts to make your learning more immersive, in phase with the instructor, and hands-on learning.

But this becomes a hindrance for mobile users and complete beginners to get acquainted with the platform. Hence the blog signifies the 10 alternatives to Scrimba in no particular order.

List of Alternatives

  • Codedamn
  • Freecodecamp
  • Codeacademy
  • Documentation
  • W3 Schools
  • Classroom Learning
  • Online Courses
  • Youtube
  • Build Projects
  • Bootcamps, Conferences, Meetups

Let’s discuss each platform in detail.


Codedamn is an interactive coding platform called Codedamn has tonnes of fun programming classes that can help you get your first coding job. You could Build projects, practice, and learn to code from scratch – without leaving your browser. It provides a curated learning path to accelerate your learning. Students also get a 50% discount on pro membership.

This is the best way for all levels of programmers who would like to explore a new language and professionals who want to switch their careers the right way.


In short, FCC is a completely free learning platform for developers in most of the tech domains founded by Quincy Larson. The contents are frequently updated and up to date. They allow you to build projects and earn certifications in areas of Full Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security. Have a dedicated blog page that is very proactive by having quality articles posted by thousands of developers worldwide. They have an exclusive youtube channel with around 60 lakh subscribers and videos in almost all domains which are very comprehensive.

This is suited for all levels of developers ranging from beginners to advanced professionals.


Codeacademy is another platform that is similar to FCC with a hands-on learning environment. The major difference lies in the fact that it is not completely free. It has different pricing tiers inclusive of the free plan with different perks available for every type of user. There are also special plans available if you are a student.

This is most suited for organizations offering bulk training.


A 100% free resource to learn anything and everything in the world. There are tons of videos available for even a single search. This means it’s us to make the right choice in choosing the right video.

This is suited for all levels of developers and it’s the choice of video that makes the difference in utilizing the knowledge.


One of the best ways to learn about a product/software/language is since these are being developed by the builders of the product. Hence we can understand and access all the features of the platform to the fullest. Make sure to have a glance at the product documentation at least once before utilizing it.

This is suited for developers of all levels.

W3 Schools

W3 schools are considered the world’s largest web developer site. It has a slightly different method of teaching style called the “Try it yourself” way and matches with the expected output. Also, there is a Pro version with features like ad-free, web-hosting, and HTML Video tutorial.

This platform is most suited for beginners.

Classroom/Offline Training

This mode of teaching and learning is common in the past. Therefore any learner can get used to this mode of learning. But the most interesting part is this has lost much of its importance due to many of them getting used to the effective online methods of learning.

Build Projects

A new dimension to explore a new programming language by directly jumping to building projects. This acts as a cool way since only the syntax changes in most programming languages and explore the additional functionalities. Hackathons are one of the best ways to learn new things in general and a programming language (tech stack) specifically. The best places to find hackathons are Devfolio, Devpost, HackerEarth, etc. Offline hackathons still add a lot more experience towards the end.

Online Courses

Many students feel to get certified as they act as a badge to their profile. Hence online courses are a way to showcase their knowledge of a certain programming language. We have numerous online course platforms like Coursera, edX, Udemy, NPTEL, etc. These are recognized international and national online education platforms. They are not specific only to a programming language but offer a wide range of choices to choose from. Also, these platforms are highly beneficial for students as they provide special perks and credits in their high-school courses.

These are best suited for students currently enrolled in a university.

Bootcamps, Conferences, Meetups

The hype about all these terms is at its peak since the post-pandemic has led to in-person conferences and meetups. This means fewer distractions like online ones. They lead to more networking, knowledge growth, high-level standards, perks, and whatnot. It doesn’t matter much if you are a beginner or a professional attending an event, as they mostly try to accommodate all levels of developers.


It is visible that there are plenty of alternatives to Scrimba and if some person is not suitable with their learning platform, it should not act as a hindrance. It must be thought the other way round as doors are opened for thousand of other methods. The ultimate goal must be to learn and not think about hindrances. This blog provides alternatives to Scrimba and is up to the person to choose the right method.

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