What is Nextjs

What is Nextjs

Know what Nextjs means and its usage!!

Learning Next.js makes your coding experience flexible and easy.
We became an awful lot extra annoying with regards to page loading velocity and the user enjoy the usage of webshops and websites.
That creates a good possibility for groups that decided to accept it as true with modern-day technology, like React.js, or have decided to go with the Jamstack technique.
It lets you build each simple and complicated application a lot quicker, and less difficult, and thanks to many notable frameworks that have grown because of this, you could now build rapid websites to acquire a much better SEO capability and user-friendly experience.


What is next.js? It is a React framework and with this framework, you can build interactive, super-fast, and very user-friendly websites and web applications. The Automatic Static Optimization feature in next.js helps us build dynamic and hybrid applications which contain statically and server-rendered pages.

Companies like Starbucks, Uber, Netflix, and many other big and famous companies use Next.js. Also, we can build many interfaces and online products like Web portals, eCommerce websites, Jamstack websites, single web pages, and user-friendly interfaces with the help of the next.js. If you don’t care about the UX of your online shop, it will affect your business and you will start losing customers, low income, and sales. But with help of next.js, you can prevent this problem by building a user-friendly experience.

Experience – you should not restrict yourself to any plugins, templates, or some other walls dictated by way of eCommerce or CMS systems. With this, you can update the front-end as per your wish.
Response – With the help of next.js you can make your website and web apps work on any device which means users can go through your website with different devices or web apps with different resolutions based on the device type.
next.js websites are awesomespeedy because they may be static so viewers will be more than glad about the overall performance.
Also in static websites, no one has direct access to the user data, database, or any other private info which makes it safe. All these points make user interaction better.

Next.js can definitely affect your commercial enterprise results and assist you to boost your ideas!

Quicker time to the marketplace – many geared up-to-use additives and compatibility that it includes makes constructing MVP a lot quicker. Because of this, you may get feedback from real customers fast and make proper modifications without losing time and investment.

Customer Experience  you’ve got the overall right to build a front-end that fully aligns together with your commercial enterprise goals and design imaginative and prescient. Way to it, the person revels in is brilliant and particular.

Organic traffic – static websites are simple, fast, and light, and because of this reason, Google likes them and these websites get a higher position in search results.
next.js websites and net apps work on any device or platform, so they’re reachable to anyone.
Due to the fact, next.js is a React framework, and because of this developers don’t need to build everything from the beginning.

Rapid loading pace, higher person experience, and high accessibility turn into a higher conversion.

If users are satisfied with the client experience, there are high chances of buying the product and may come back again.

Community  – as next.js is turning into a primary framework for lots of massive brands, it’s turning into greater well-known, and obviously, so the range of its individuals. Meaning, that even in case you face any trouble, there might be apparently a fix for that already.

function Home() {
    return (
        <div className="container">
        <p>Hey! everyone</p>
        <style jsx>{`
            .container {
                margin: 50px;
            p {
                color: blue;
export default Home

Tim Neutkens(from Vercel)maintains the next, js. The fix became famous because it solved the trouble that many web developers used to have with web programs rendered on the customer aspect (within the browser).

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Buton account that the majority of the content in an app like this will become to be had only after it is really completed within the browser, website crawlers located it hard to read the text content material of such a utility

next.js gives an out-of-the-box answer for SSR(server-side-rendering) of React components. With next.js, builders can render the JS code at the server and ship simple indexable HTML to the person

Next.js also can assist you with ISR(incremental static regeneration) and SSG( static site generation) – every other search engine optimization pleasant manner of creating websites and applications. In this situationin preference toat some point of runtime, your HTML is generated for the duration ofbuild time. when the consumer requests a page, a pre-made static HTML web page is sent to them. Which makes the website very fast. All the benefits and potential makes next.js an important part of react.
Thank you!!

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