What is the JavaScript Logo?

What is the JavaScript Logo?

In 1995, Brendan Eich created JavaScript which we all currently use widely for the development of web projects and programming. Till today it is considered one of the most extensively used software languages in the world. If you’re a software developer, then you must be using JavaScript almost for every project. But have you ever thought about its history? Or the meaning behind the JavaScript logo? Well, that is why we are here! Here we are going to talk about the JavaScript logo, its meaning, and the history behind it.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most well-known scripting languages for websites. It is lightweight, interpreted, and just in time compiled software language that makes use of first-class functions. Many non-browser environments like Adobe Acrobat, Apache CouchDB, and Node JS make use of JavaScript. This widely used software language is prototype-based, declarative, imperative, highly object-oriented, single-thread, dynamic, and multi-paradigm in nature. 

Java, as well as JavaScript, are registered trademarks of the Oracle in the US and other countries as well but they are not at all the same. Although they sound similar they are very different in terms of syntax, semantics, and application of the language in real life. 

JavaScript History

It was created in 1995 by a Netscape Communication Corporation programmer, Brendan Eich. Apparently, it took him about 10 days to develop Mocha. Later on, the language’s name was changed to Mona and then to LiveScript. Currently, it is widely known as JavaScript. In 1996, JavaScript was taken over by ECMA which provided JavaScript with ECMAScript Language Specification and ECMAScript Internationalized API specifications. Then by 2005, Eich and Mozilla joined ECMA and the JavaScript community flourished. By 2016, 92% of the website made use of JavaScript, from huge tech giants like Facebook and Google to small start-ups.

The visual identity of the JavaScript logo is simple yet unique and easily recognizable by all. It is made up of a yellow shield with a bold monogram above it. This makes the JavaScript logo strong and highly professional. There are two shades of yellow used for the shield. This adds depth, volume, and dynamics to the JavaScript logo. The left part of the shield makes use of a darker tint. On the other hand, the right is in a lighter tone of yellow. 

JavaScript Logo
JavaScript Logo

Then the letter “S” with sharp lines and bold serifs is placed in the middle of the shield. This powerful graphical “S” stands for “Script”. Above the flashy yellow and white emblem in very sharp and powerful lettering in black is “JS”. The letter “J” looks like a mirrored “L” and the “S” looks similar to “Z”.

The JavaScript Logo which is currently being used was designed in 2011 and has a similar style as HTML and CSS logos. This was done as they are part of one company and only differ in color combinations and lettering. The color palette used for the JavaScript Logo provides a sense of progress and dynamicity while being friendly and pleasant at the same time. The logo shines upon the quality, loyalty, and reliability you will get from using JavaScript.

To be honest there is no “official” JavaScript logo as no one officially is governing over JavaScript. All browsers made their own unique JavaScript engine while some are using others. The most used JavaScript logo is the solid yellow and JS lettered in black at the lower right corner. It is universally accepted and closest to being called the “Official JavaScript Logo”. Many high-profile websites like Wikipedia and Codeacademy use this logo to represent JavaScript.

Official JavaScript Logo
JavaScript Logo

JavaScript Today

Currently, JavaScript is still used everywhere and is one of the most commonly used client-side scripting languages. JavaScript has come a long way from 1995 till now. In today’s time, it is written within HTML elements to enable dynamicity in web projects and applications. For instance, we can automatically schedule tasks and appointments or even play games online. Many other technologies have been developed using JavaScript, for example, Node JS, React JS, and so on. Although JavaScript is old and has a complex past, this is not the end for it! 


Who knew such a simple JavaScript logo had so much meaning and history behind it? Knowing the history associated with the software language you are using, is vital as it creates a better understanding and bond between you and the language. Hence you are able to code in the language easily. If you are inclined toward such content, then do not forget to check out Codedamn! The articles here are easy to read and will increase your technical knowledge in a matter of minutes! Also, Codedamn provides well-curated courses and challenges which will help you become an overall developer in no time.

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