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10 Most Paid Programming Languages in The World

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10 Most Paid Programming Languages in The World

10 Most Paid Programming Languages in the World

  1. Solidity
  2. Rust
  3. Scala
  4. Haskell
  5. Golang
  6. Typescript
  7. Ruby
  8. Swift
  9. Javascript
  10. Python

Before we start this blog, all the salaries mentioned here are average salaries so they are not exactly the most accurate numbers.

10. Python: Python is a very general-purpose language, you can do Automation, AI/ML, Data Science and a lot more on it. The salaries start from somewhere around 99K$ to 500K$ per year.

9. Javascript: Javascript is the language of the web and is one of the most valuable languages you can learn just because of its sheer presence everywhere right from the Web to Mobile Infrastructure and even goes till Blockchain Development. The salaries start from 102K$ per year.

8. Swift: Swift is developed by Apple. Using Swift you can create Apps for the IOS environment. The salaries start from 104k$ per year.

7. Ruby: Ruby starts at 114K$.

6. Typescript: Typescript is a superset of Javascript. Salaries starts at 115K$.

5. Golang: Golang is a backend language that is becoming increasingly popular. It is primarily used for Backend Development and the salaries for Golang start from 116K$ per year.

4.  Haskell: Haskell developers are rare to find. It is a functional programming language. Salaries starts from 118K$.

3. Scala: Scala combines object-oriented and functional programming together. It can run on Java Virtual Machine(JVM) and Javascript. Salaries start from 120K$

2. Rust: Rust is a very hyped language. It runs a bunch of great tooling like SWC. The salaries start from 122K$.

1. Solidity: Solidity is a programming language used for Blockchain Development. The salaries start from 160K$. Salaries even go up to 1 Million $ per year which is really insane for a developer.

Comment your favorite language (and why) in the comment section! The best answer will goodies from us.

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