Top 7 JavaScript timeline libraries you should know about!

Top 7 JavaScript timeline libraries you should know about!

Making timelines are very vital and help the reader understand the growth as well as the development of the company or person. This not only narrates the story beautifully in chronological order but also seems to be visually pleasing. Today, in this article we will share some of the top JavaScript timeline libraries which will come in handy for your web development projects. But first, we will understand the importance of JavaScript and why many developers use it globally. So, are you ready?

What is JavaScript?

Before we jump into various JavaScript Timeline libraries, let us understand what JavaScript is and its use in the technology-driven world. JavaScript is one of the most used software languages for web development. There are many industries from tech giants to small start-up companies which use JavaScript daily.

Why use JavaScript?

You must be thinking that as JavaScript is used for web development along with HTML and CSS, it must be a front-end language. Well, you are right but wrong! JavaScript is used for the front-end development of web apps as well as for backend development. This includes the use of APIs, web servers, and mainly in the functioning of Node JS. Additionally, it is used for the development of Native applications for both iOS and Android.

Top 7 JavaScript timeline library

Now that we have briefed you about JavaScript, let us jump right into the JavaScript timeline libraries. Ensure to implement these libraries as it will help you make beautiful timelines in no time!

1. Timeline.js

On top of the list is the open-source tool, Timeline.js which helps anyone to create visually rich and highly interactive timelines. This JavaScript timeline library is easy to use for beginners as well as for experts. For beginners, it is as easy as making a Google spreadsheet. Intermediate and advanced developers can use JSON and create custom installations while maintaining the core functionality and look of Timeline.js intact.

2. Chronoline.js

The next JavaScript timeline library to make awesome chronological timescales is Chronoline.js. This library forms a list of the dates with the events associated with it. Then it creates a graphical representation of the events, deadlines, schedules, and so on. It makes use of jQuery. Note that this JavaScript timeline needs raphael.js to work properly. Upon hovering over the events, their details are shown in a tooltip. Developers can also display events based on a daily, weekly, monthly as well as quarterly bases.

3. Timesheet.js

Next in line in today’s list is the Timesheet.js. This JavaScript timeline library helps to visualize your data as well as your events very beautifully. It does not use AngularJS, jQuery, or any external dependencies. It only uses HTML5 and CSS3, this makes it the go-to JavaScript timeline library. One can create simple yet very impressive timelines in no time.

4. Responsive Timeline

This is one of the ultimate JavaScript timeline libraries to choose from. The Responsive Timeline library provides developers with more than 10 styles and over 40 plus animations. Developers can easily customize the simple interface to make unique and reactive timelines in seconds. There is a wide range of transition styles to choose from as well. It makes use of jQuery and CSS3 to build modern, beautiful, and highly functional times for personal websites and portfolios.

5. Timeglider.js

Creating a data-driven timeline that is user-friendly as well as interactive is a very tedious task. But luckily we have Timeglider.js. It is one of the best JavaScript timeline libraries to display video, audio, data, images, links, and so on. All you have to do is choose a proper location, drag and drop the desired media, and that’s it! It is easy to update or modify. Additionally, it facilitates zooming in or out of the timeline as well.

6. TimelineSetter

Another most used and helpful JavaScript timeline library is the Timeline Setter. This is the ideal library to create beautiful and eye-catching timelines. It uses data from CSV files and as an output displays the timeline. The technologies this JavaScript timeline library uses are Java, HTML, and CSS. Once the timeline has been created there is no need for any sort of processing on the server-side.

7. Timeknots

The last JavaScript timeline library on our list is the famous Timeknot library. Simple is overrated but according to experts it is easy to understand and grasps the audience’s attention better. If you are searching for a JavaScript timeline library that makes minimalist timelines, then this one is the winner. It generates timelines that are simple yet very eye-pleasing. An alternative for this library is the D3.js, ensure to check it out as well.


Timelines are the easiest way to display a ton of information beautifully. As a developer, it is vital to know how to make timelines as it is one of the trends which might never die out. I hope that these JavaScript timeline libraries came in handy for your projects. If you have any sort of queries or suggestions, ensure to drop them in the comments below. Also, do not forget to check out Codedamn for exciting tech-related stuff!

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