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Top 5 JavaScript Libraries to Check Out Right Now!

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Top 5 JavaScript Libraries to Check Out Right Now!

JavaScript is one of the most widely used software languages for web development. Node is a platform built on JavaScript runtime for creating fast and highly scalable applications. Today we are going to discuss the five top must know Node packages, which you are probably missing. These javascript libraries are from the source code of Codedamn and you can use them during the production level of your web project. So are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Joi

The first package we are going to talk about is Joi. This javascript library has been mentioned a lot of times before in the backend and web security videos. This is a must-have and necessary package if you are working on a project that requires a lot of input from the users.

You can define a very strict schema of data you are expecting from your rest API or graph SQL endpoint. After that, you can validate the data against the schema. Doing this using JavaScript is not that flexible and doing the same task becomes very complex. Hence Joi is placed between your processing and the place where the API sends the data to the backend.

2. Tiny-invariant

This node package is small yet very powerful. There are a lot of times when typescript throws errors and warnings. In this case, you can use tiny-invariant which ensures typescript that the type or the variable you have used does exist. To use this package, import it and pass the condition, and then after that typescript will not give any sort of warning.

3. Zxcvbn

The third javascript library is zxcvbn from dropbox. This package allows you to add a password strength dialog box on your website which helps you understand if the password entered is common, vulnerable, or strong. This process happens offline and there is no transfer of data hence making it lightweight. This is valid for helping the user have a secure password. The only thing is that the package has a drawback as it is not updated and you can use zxcvbn-ts.

4. Nano ID

Any time there is a new video, new article, or a course item is released then the unique identifier in that item is a nano ID. This node package is mainly used to generate a small, secure, URL-friendly, and unique ID for JavaScript. You can find other functions which can do this but Nano ID is a better choice in terms of safety and URLfriendliness.

5. Canvas-confetti

Lastly, we have the canvas-confetti package which is a fun and user-friendly node package. All it does is even triggered, you get a nice little confetti effect on your screen. This is the best way to customize your application and give the user a little appreciation.


These are the top must-have javascript libraries to make your user experience better for your web applications. In reality, there are many other amazing packages that we have missed out on. Comment down below which is your favorite node package and do not forget to check out Codedamn for similar content like this!

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