15 Best Platforms To Practice JavaScript

15 Best Platforms To Practice JavaScript

Learning any programming language is not enough, and we need to practice.

If you are learning JavaScript, I have curated the ten best platforms to practice JavaScript for free.


codedamn logo

Codedamn is an interactive programming platform; you will learn and build projects side by side. It offers over 500+ coding problems for you to practice.

You can solve 3-5 questions daily without waiting another day to solve more questions.

Codedamn has community support, if you get stuck on a particular problem, you can ask for help, and developers will be ready to help you anytime.

The problem’s difficulty level ranges from easy to hard. But you can go at your pace.

Here is the link to solve 500+ JavaScript problems.

If you think these problems are too advanced, you can learn about JavaScript basics, which codedamn offers for free.

Link to learn JavaScript: JavaScript basics


codewars logo

On codewars, you will get all types of questions ranging from easy to complex.

You will get instant feedback on your answers. Your rank will level up as you progress.

If you get stuck, codewars have a senior developers community that will help you.

Link to practice on codewars


Codingame logo

codin games is a gamified learning platform. On codin games, you will code and execute the correct code to save yourself from obstacles and enemies.

You can compete individually or by teaming up with other fellow developers.

You can compare your and other developer code to improve your JavaScript coding skills.

You can play and build your developer profile, and You can even apply for jobs. You need to solve complex problems and be consistent on the platform to stand out from others.

Link to practice on the codin game.

Solo Learn

solo learn logo

If you don’t know Solo Learn, you are not a developer. Earlier, Solo learn was only available as a mobile application, and now you can also learn on the web.

Solo learn offers a JavaScript course and exercise to improve your JavaScript coding skills.

At the end of each topic, you will get practice problems you need to solve to unlock the next section.

Link to practice on Solo learn.


edabit logo

Edabit has interactive exercises ranging from easy to complex, and you can filter the challenges using tags. You can practice your JavaScript coding skills for free.

If you get stuck on any question, you can unlock the solution, but you will lose the XPs you have gained.

Alternatively, the resources tab contains the concepts to learn to solve that problem.

Link to practice JavaScript at edabit.


Hacker Earth logo

Hacker earth has a set of questions based on if you are preparing for an interview or you are a beginner at programming,

It has a codemonk section where you will get questions based on Data Structures and algorithms. Best suited if you know DSA and algorithms, or you can practice easy and medium-difficulty problems.

On hacker earth, you can participate in challenges, try to build your developer profile, and stand out from other developers. And apply for jobs at companies.

Link to practice at HackerEarth


Programiz logo

On programiz, you can practice JavaScript for free, and You will get the list of concepts to learn and practice problems at the end of each concept to retain what you have learned.

There are separate JavaScript examples sections available there, and you will find the JavaScript-related question and some general programming questions based on the topics you have learned.

Link to practice JavaScript examples at programiz.


freecodecamp logo

Freecodecamp is popular among developers because of its ocean of totally free courses.

Freecodecamp offers 100s of exercises related to JavaScript, ranging from basic concepts, regular expressions, array methods, objects, data structure, and algorithms.

These exercises are for beginners to advanced javascript developers.

Link to practice on freecodecamp


Geeks For Geeks logo

To practice on GeeksforGeeks, you need to create an account once you create an account with them, head over to the below link to practice JavaScript.

This platform best suits you if you have Data Structure and algorithms knowledge.

You can filter out the problems based on the companies that have asked about that problem or on the concepts like Arrays, Objects, and Strings.

You can even choose the problem difficulty level from school to pro level.

Link to practice on GeeksforGeeks


educative logo

The Educative has an assessment test. You can take the JavaScript assessment test, which takes around 20 minutes to complete.

The assessment test consists of all the topics, from fundamental concepts like variables, data types, and conditional statements to advanced concepts like arrays and objects.

Link to the assessment test


Codecademy logo

On Codecademy, you will find a javascript project-based course that is very helpful if you want to learn and build projects at the same time using javascript.

Link to javascript courses

I have curated four GitHub repositories that are helpful. You will gain problem-solving skills, and some repositories will help you prepare for the interview.

JavaScript Questions – By Lydia Hallie

This repo has more than 500+ questions with answers, and this repo is available in 18 other languages. In this repo, you will find basic to very advanced questions, and some are very difficult.

Link to repo

JavaScript Coding Practice – By Learning Zone

This repo has more than 100+ javascript exercises with the answers. This repo will give you insights into How the recruiter will ask questions in a javascript-related interview.

Link to repo

123 Essential JavaScript Questions – By Yuri Katkov

You will find 123 essential javascript interview-related questions, which you can practice on your code editor or online to crack practical interviews. This repo has 4K stars, and you will find some exciting questions that might help you build problem-solving skills.

Link to repo

JavaScript Interview Question – By Sudheer J

You will find 1000+ questions ? related to javascript on this repo, which you can practice. Questions range from the difficulty level of beginners to advanced.

Link to repo


I hope you found this article helpful, You can choose any platform and practice it to improve your developer profile, gain problem-solving skills and move to the next platform.

Thanks for reading.

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