10 Must-Watch JavaScript Talks to Level Up Your Skills

JavaScript is an essential language for web developers, and one of the best ways to level up your skills is by watching talks from experienced developers. With countless JavaScript talks available online, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are worth your time. In this blog post, we have handpicked 10 must-watch JavaScript talks that will help you gain new insights, learn best practices, and become a more proficient JavaScript developer. These talks cover various topics, from the fundamentals of JavaScript to advanced concepts and performance optimization. Let’s dive in and explore these invaluable resources! You can click on the images to take you to the video resource of the talk.

1. What the heck is the event loop anyway? | Philip Roberts

What the heck is event loop anyway? JSConf EU 2014

The event loop is a core concept in JavaScript, but it can be confusing for beginners. In this engaging talk, Philip Roberts demystifies the event loop and provides a clear explanation of how it works. He also covers related topics such as the call stack, Web APIs, and task queues. After watching this talk, you will have a solid understanding of the event loop and how it affects your JavaScript code.

2. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts | Tony Alicea

In this in-depth talk, Tony Alicea dives into the “weird parts” of JavaScript that often trip up developers. He covers topics such as closures, prototypes, and the this keyword. Through clear explanations and examples, Tony helps you build a deep understanding of these concepts and how to use them effectively in your projects. This talk is essential for anyone looking to master JavaScript’s unique features.

3. The Birth and Death of JavaScript | Gary Bernhardt

Gary Bernhardt delivers a thought-provoking talk that explores the history and future of JavaScript. He touches on the language’s origins, its evolution over the years, and its potential trajectory in the coming decades. While this talk is more philosophical than technical, it offers valuable insights into the broader context of JavaScript and web development as a whole.

4. 10 Tips for Writing Better JavaScript | Christian Heilmann

In this practical talk, Christian Heilmann shares 10 tips that will help you write cleaner, more maintainable JavaScript code. These tips cover various aspects of development, from writing more concise code to debugging and performance optimization. Implementing these best practices in your projects will make your code easier to understand, maintain, and scale.

5. JavaScript Engines: How Do They Even Work? | Franziska Hinkelmann

In this enlightening talk, Franziska Hinkelmann provides an overview of how JavaScript engines work. She covers the basics of just-in-time (JIT) compilation, garbage collection, and the various optimization techniques employed by modern JavaScript engines like V8. This talk is an excellent resource for understanding the inner workings of JavaScript engines and the impact they have on the performance of your code.

6. Advanced JavaScript | Asim Hussain

Asim Hussain’s talk is a comprehensive guide to some of the advanced concepts in JavaScript. He covers topics such as variable scoping, closures, IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions), and more. This talk is perfect for developers looking to deepen their understanding of JavaScript’s core concepts and take their skills to the next level.

7. Async/Await Will Make Your Code Simpler | Anjana Vakil

Anjana Vakil’s talk is an excellent introduction to async/await, a powerful feature in modern JavaScript that simplifies asynchronous programming. She provides a clear explanation of how async/await works, complete with code examples and demonstrations. By the end of this talk, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use async/await to write cleaner, more readable asynchronous code.

8. A Deep Dive into JavaScript Modules | Gil Tayar

JavaScript modules are a crucial feature for organizing and structuring your code. In this comprehensive talk, Gil Tayar dives deep into the world of JavaScript modules, covering both CommonJS and ES Modules. He discusses the benefits of using modules, how to create and use them effectively, and the differences between the two module systems. This talk is essential for anyone looking to level up their skills in modular JavaScript development.

9. The Cost of JavaScript | Addy Osmani

In this insightful talk, Addy Osmani highlights the performance costs of using JavaScript and shares practical tips for optimizing your code. He discusses the importance of code splitting, tree shaking, and other optimization techniques for reducing the size and load times of your JavaScript bundles. This talk is a must-watch for anyone who cares about delivering fast, efficient web experiences to their users.

10. JavaScript and the Web Platform: Building an App with Native JS | Tracy Lee

In this hands-on talk, Tracy Lee demonstrates how tobuild a modern web app using only native JavaScript features, without relying on any frameworks or libraries. She covers various web platform APIs and technologies, such as Fetch, Web Components, and the Shadow DOM. This talk is a great resource for developers looking to gain a deeper understanding of the web platform and how to leverage its capabilities with pure JavaScript.

We hope these 10 must-watch JavaScript talks inspire you and help you level up your skills. By learning from experienced developers and exploring a range of topics, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical techniques that you can apply to your own projects. Happy coding, and remember to keep learning and growing as a JavaScript developer!

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