Java Project Ideas for Beginners to Try in 2023

Java Project Ideas for Beginners to Try in 2023


When it comes to learning programming languages, it is easy to grasp the theoretical part of programming language but you only learn when you implement your learning and make some cool projects.

In this article, we are going to see the top java project for beginners that will help them to make their learning turn into something cool. This article assumes that you have a solid understanding of java and you are ready to rock with your knowledge.

What is Java?

Java is a compiler-based language which means the error gets resolved first before running the program. It is also known as one of the best languages around the world because of its longevity and many big large enterprise companies are solely dependent upon java.

Java works on JVM i.e Java Virtual Machine which helps java developers to run their code within any environment. It also provides many cool features that are needed to make enterprise software.

While learning java is rather a bit more difficult than python but learning java would be the best decision you can make because of its highly rich features and more controlled code.

There is also a great course in Codedamn which teaches you java from scratch and it also helps you to get started in programming if you are new in the programming world.

Start building Java projects with these IDEs

Java projects for beginners require you to download any IDEs i.e Integrated Development Environment to make awesome projects with enriched supports of various features that help you in the development process.

IDEs include:


MyEclipse remains one of the best business-oriented development environments IDE for java and mobile development. There are tons of tools and features that it offers and some of them include, maintaining the java application, debugging problems, and web development support like reactjs and angularjs.

IntelliJ IDEA 

IntelliJ IDEA works for both web and android development and supports many programming languages to work with it. It is designed as a cross-platform integrated development based on JetBrains Academy.


NetBeans is a free and open-source development IDE for many languages like java, c++, c. It was developed by one of the largest enterprises in the data sector i.e Oracle Corporation.

Dr. Java

DrJava is known as the lightweight IDE for java development and it was designed by taking students’ requirements into consideration. The UI of this IDE is easy to understand and provides tons of features with simple representation.


BlueJ is also a free and open-source IDE for beginners but it is really beginner friendly and anyone can use it without making their heads crawl.


Oracle JDeveloper is a free IDE for building and deploying an application that requires development tools to mitigate the bad experience of a user.

The online editors are

The IDEs are best but they require a good amount of process and ram to run the application. Let’s also see the online editors that are present to make your workflow a lot better and provide a platform to make java projects for beginners.


Codiva is an online IDE that helps to make development a lot easier within a browser and an old configuration laptop or PC can run smoothly. It supports many programming languages.


JDoodle is an online basic IDE that works to provide you with a platform to run your java programs and get the desired output within a browser..


Rextester works online and supports multiple languages the way it is designed is to run and debug code easily without any hassle. Some of the languages like java, python, c++, etc.

Online GDB 

Online GDB as the name says is also an online IDE that provides a very friendly UI and is easy to understand to work with. Most students prefer this while learning and practicing programming skills.


Browxy is a web-based IDE that offers developers to write and compile code within a browser and it also supports many languages like java, python c++, and Javascript.


IDE One is also a web-based IDE that helps developers write code online in their preferred languages like python, java, and c++. The platform supports almost 80 languages and has a feature to share with other fellow developers.

Getting Started: Java Projects for Beginners

Data Visualization Software Project using Java

Data visualization software is the best java project for beginners to make and learn the very own fundamental concepts of java-based libraries like JFreeChart or JavaFX to create visualizations.

A data visualization library helps you to make some critical software and customize the data as per the requirement.

e-Healthcare Management System in Java

Making projects in the Medical or health department would be a good way to enhance your learning and programming skills. Use java frameworks such as spring or hibernate for creating a health care management system.

While creating this project you should be familiar with java servlet and JSPs for creating many interfaces and handling multiple user requests.

 Airline Reservation System using Java

Developing an airline reservation system is a great java project for beginners. While developing the application you can learn a lot of fundamentals and use them in your own creativity while developing the application.

Snake Game in Java

Snake Game in java is a great way to achieve or make something cool while learning the actual fundamentals properly. You have to use classes properly and Java also provides graphical user interface support to make a game look more awesome.

Online Book Store

The online book store project will help the beginner to understand how to work with APIs and manage the data properly while displaying the wonderful user interface to the user. This project will teach you a lot while developing the application.

Basic Android Application

After learning your java you can also make a basic android application with Java and this can help you clear out your basics about the application and its architecture.

Writing code for a mobile application requires android studio so better download it and then start making the application.

Currency Converter Program

The currency converter looks simple but it takes multiple conventions if you make it for all the currencies. It is a great java project for beginners.

This project is mainly for someone who has a grasp of knowledge of java and can easily work with APIs to make it more interactive.

Simple Banking Application

While making a simple banking application is one way to practice your java skills, such as having a grasp of the language to make this project.

Creating a Calculator

A calculator project is always a great start while developing a good application this will teach you conditional rendering, classes, switches, and many things.

Number Guessing Game

It is a very simple game that is good for beginners who are just learning some concept of java and want to make a project out of it. This project will teach you how to work with random functions and conditional rendering also.

Source Code

Let’s make a guessing number project in java, for that, I have used codedamn playground which is one of the best browser IDE to work with any language that you prefer.

import java.util.Random; import java.util.Scanner; class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { Random random = new Random(); int gusserNum = random.nextInt(100) +1; Scanner sc = new Scanner(; do { // do while because it execute atleast one time System.out.print("Enter your guess between (1-100): "); guess = sc.nextInt(); if (guess < gusserNum) { System.out.println("Low!"); } else if (guess > gusserNum) { System.out.println("High!"); } } while (guess != gusserNum); System.out.println("You guessed the right one!"); } }
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

To run the above and see the execution click on this playground link and run yourself.


There are a lot of java projects for beginners and some of them are listed above you can practice your learning by making these projects and it also helps to build confidence within yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions to resolve(FAQs)

Which Java project is best for beginners?

As a beginner, the best java projects for beginners would be to use your basic learning and make something out of it. For example, it can be from the calculator to guessing numbers and so on.

What are some beginner Java projects? 

There are many projects you can build as a beginner for example guessing games, calculators, hotel management with classes, etc.

What are mini-projects Java?

Mini projects are like CLI-based projects where the interface is command prompt and the working of the project is minimum with basic features and handling.

Where can I find Java projects?

You can find good projects at GitHub, codedamn, and the best place try to google, you will get all the java projects that you can make and strong fundamental skills.

 How do mini-projects in Java work?

Mini projects are like a small part or basic implementation where it shows the MVP of the project and with time the project can become a big one after learning and implementing difficult concepts.

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