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Complete Java Master Course

Go from Zero to Hero in Java

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This is an official course from Data Structures And Algorithms Learning Path learning path.


  • What is Java?
  • Setting up Java and How Java Works?
  • Fundamentals in Java - Variables, IF & ELSE, Loops, Data Types, OOPS, etc.
  • Debugging Java Applications
  • Best practices for clean coding with Java
  • OOPs and Classes in Java
  • Pillars of OOPs
  • Design Principles - DRY, KISS and SOLID
  • Design Patterns - Creational, Structural and Behavioural


Hello Everyone, My name is Piyush Garg, and in this lecture, we are going to start with core java from the basics and cover all the topics in java.

If you want to become a software engineer, Java is something that you should have under your belt. Java is the most popular and demanded language in the industry. Java has the best built-in support for OOPS.

In this course, we would be studying Java from very basic to advance, going slowly over each and every topic.

Java is the most widely used and in-demand programming language.

It's used in 90% of fortune 500 company websites, most big banks and financial companies, almost all Android apps, and much, much more...

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn to program for the first time

  • College students who want to better understand Java

  • Anyone who wants to learn Java from the basics to the advanced concepts

  • Java developers who want to brush up on their Java skills

  • Just Java explained clearly from the basics to the advanced concepts

Note: It would be great if you have already worked or had some knowledge in C and C++

This tutorial series includes

  • Basics of Java

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)

  • Design Principles (SOLID, DRY, KISS, YAGNI)

  • Design Patterns & Machine Coding Round

Course Structure

96 lectures 11:04:21 total duration

  How Java Works? 
  Working of Java 
  Setting up JDK and intellij Idea 
  Important Links 

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profile pic for sundhar raja
Mar 23, 2023
course is awesome
profile pic for Kodedara
Mar 06, 2023
it's not just another java tutorials ,it's best one in entire industry
profile pic for Siddharth
Mar 04, 2023
its very poor content
profile pic for Piyush Garg

Piyush Garg instructor

Hi Siddharth, I am sorry that you found the content poor. Can you please share more details regarding your value able feedback, so I can improve the content and take necessary actions. Regards, Piyush Garg

profile pic for Aditya SwayamSiddha
Mar 03, 2023
Such an amazing course...

Your Course Instructor

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Piyush Garg

Full-stack Developer

Hi, I am Piyush and I love to explore new technologies and frameworks. I work as a freelancer in various domains such as the Backend engineer, AWS Cloud solution architect, etc. Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with clean codes that follow proper design principles and patterns.

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  • 24x7 mentorship support
  • 100+ projects to practice
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